Jamestown Ghost Walk Provides Safe, Family Fun


Through August, locals with interest in hauntings and history have found an outing. The Jamestown Ghost Walk, which features 13 stops downtown, covers 200 years of Jamestown history and touches on the haunted happenings that have that residents have reported within the city.

Whether their interests are the beautifully diverse architecture, historic buildings, or the stories about the people that once walked the same streets, attendants have come away with a memorable experience and some bone-chilling stories that remain in local history. “We’ve seen families that have been cooped up inside all summer enjoy the tour, excited to be able to have something to do finally. Friends getting together for the first time in months, able to stroll through the streets and have some fun as well as the history lovers like myself, and the ghost story fans alike.” Explained Jason Perdue, co-owner of Nightscape Cinema, an independent film partnership in Jamestown, NY. Nightscape Cinema, the founder of the ghost walk, spent a great deal of researching the historical content of the tour as well as the documented hauntings. Included are stories on the historic theaters, government buildings, churches, the furniture industry, and the hotels and plazas past and present. The organizers have found, with knowledge of the past comes knowledge of those who came before us and in some instances, the documented stories of those who still remain, in some form

According to Lorri Johnson, the coordinator for the ghost walk, the idea to organize the tour was born from the independent film partnership filming within the city. “Jamestown is this incredible potpourri of architecture when you stop and look at the buildings. We noticed when we would be filming in Jamestown, you would have a break, and instead of just passing a building or driving past, you would take the time to stop and admire them. It’s incredible.” Johnson went on to explain that the content probably will not give anyone nightmares. “There are stories on the tour that will surprise people and some that are outright chilling. The goal is not to frighten but to offer the notion that history may have played a role in spirit activity in the area.”

Perdue explained, “in an uncertain time, where many events and festivals are closed, we wanted to provide a safe experience for those to enjoy, in smaller group sizes. We all understand how difficult it has been for people with no activities available.” Perdue went onto explain that the Jamestown Ghost Walk ensures that attendant’s social distance and wear masks to comply with NYS Covid-19 Regulations for outside tours. “The wellbeing of the attendants is our priority. We have incorporated the ability for attendants to safely hear the guide by including a small microphone system.” The organizers also keep group sizes low, to ensure an enjoyable experience for all. “We believe smaller groups, below 30, provide attendants with a more personal experience while also maintaining compliance with NYS regulations on group size.”

The Ghost Tour began August 1 and will continue every Saturday until the end of October. The tour is only $8, with a one hour run time. For tickets, dates, and times, those interested can visit nightscapecinema.com.