Jamestown Gazette Celebrates First Decade of Service

    Stacey Hannon, Publisher and Owner of The Jamestown Gazette with Husband Mark Hannon.
    Stacey Hannon, Publisher and Owner of The Jamestown Gazette with Husband Mark Hannon.

    The month of April, 2021, proudly marks the Jamestown Gazette’s tenth anniversary of service to Chautauqua and Cattaraugus Counties in New York and Warren County in Pennsylvania. Every week for the last decade, at hundreds of newsstands, local residents have picked up their copy of The People’s Paper and enjoyed the read.

    “We started out ten years ago to serve our community,” said Stacey Hannon, owner and publisher of the Jamestown Gazette, “and we’ve never stopped. So we want to say ‘Thank You’ to the people who have made this community paper possible—our staff, our advertisers, and our readers.”

    The Gazette’s front page alone has delivered more than 500 local, regional, and national news stories investigating matters of crucial importance to residents throughout the region.

    “I have been extremely blessed with the talented people who have entered our circle,” Hannon added. “Many of them have been with the Jamestown Gazette since we published our first issue on April 11, 2011.”

    Meeting A Need

    Small businesses, including thousands like the Jamestown Gazette, make up the economic heartbeat of rural America. The key to success is helping our readers connect with friends, neighbors, events, and all of the local businesses that work hard to meet their needs.

    Local business offer more than goods and services when they are run by friends and neighbors—members of the communities they serve. “That’s why we want to specially thank our advertisers at the Gazette. They help keep us all connected.”

    Many local businesses have placed their ads in every single issue since the Gazette’s founding ten years ago. Readers have responded with their loyalty as customers in support of the local economy.

    A Talented Community

    It takes good reporters and talented writers to produce a newspaper like the Jamestown Gazette. “All or our writers have come from nearby communities and some have worked with us for many years,” Hannon said, “and others for only a few months. But every one was a great asset to the Gazette and to the communities we serve.”

    The Jamestown Gazette has also served as a training ground for a number of student interns in writing and journalism provided by local colleges and Chautauqua Works.

    “It was a joy to watch them grow in their careers,” Hannon said, “and to mentor them as they learned about this industry.”

    Milestones and Innovations

    This ten-year anniversary is a milestone that places the Jamestown Gazette among a select group of businesses nationwide that have established themselves, achieved success, and grown, unlike more than half of all new small businesses. The keys are foresight and adaptability.

    The Gazette, for example, has published in print and online since issue number one in April of 2011. When the Covid pandemic slowed many businesses, the Gazette was already set to continue and even grow because of its online presence for readers and advertisers alike.

    Subscription delivery to a reader’s computer inbox every Monday morning is also always free, just like the identical print editions at the newsstand. The Jamestown Gazette continues to be a free newspaper because of its partnership with advertisers who share a commitment to serve their communities.

    Delivering Trusted News

    In the last ten years Jamestown Gazette readers have come to expect news they can use and regular, trusted features delivered every week. In politics, for example, the Gazette has adopted an innovative concept in reporting.

    In every election season, the Jamestown Gazette delivers the most unbiased and complete coverage possible. Our unique policy—widely applauded by campaigning politicians themselves—promises that we will publish no negative ads by or against any opposing candidate.

    This showcases only the candidate’s own values and accomplishments, encourages more informed civil dialog, and discourages the kind of polarization that has created wide-spread distrust in the entire election process.

    The Jamestown Gazette never chooses sides so we can offer voters the kind of unbiased information they need for their own decision-making.

    A Popular Page

    Among the most popular regular features in the Jamestown Gazette, is another innovation in making community connections: The Around Town Page. Over the last ten years, the Gazette has published 5,100 photos of local citizens in candid, relaxed, and always fun or interesting situations, costumes, or places.

    Smile! You just might show up one day in Stacey’s roving lens.

    A Model for More

    The Jamestown Gazette’s first ten years serving the tri-county region of Western New York and Pennsylvania prove once again that hard work, talented people, and a commitment to excellence in service to the community is a roadmap to success.

    The success of the Jamestown Gazette’s first ten years is a credit to its readers for their support and a source of great personal satisfaction for its founder. In the words of Mark Hannon, Stacey’s husband, “To see Stacey go to work every morning and enjoy herself is something everybody should have a chance to experience.”

    And most of all, no one succeeds alone. Thank you again from the Jamestown Gazette to all of our readers, writers, and advertisers.

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