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Jamestown Jammers round out the 2018 season with the league's championship trophy.
Jamestown Jammers round out the 2018 season with the league’s championship trophy.

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Jamestown Jammers

There is a new champion in town, actually there are 30 champions in town as the Jamestown Jammers defeated rivals, Amsterdam Mohawks, to claim the League championship. The two teams have met before. The Amsterdam Mohawks have narrowly defeated the Jamestown Jammers in the past years to take the league championship.

This year all of that changed. The Jamestown Jammers celebrated a historic Championship Series win in the Perfect Game Collegiate Baseball League on Wednesday August 8, 2018.

Head Coach Anthony Barone said “I am very proud of the players, and all the staff. We have had a great season, and it couldn’t happen to a better group of guys.” This year, the Jammers had the best record in the league, which carried into the post season. “The series had many ups and downs, but the team battled to the very end and won,” Barone said.

The team fought a hard-won series against competitive Amsterdam Mohawks at Shuttleworth Field in Amsterdam, NY. Barone remarked, “it is especially important to point out the series was won in Amsterdam, NY. It is hard not to have the home field advantage, but the guys still gave an outstanding performance.” Barone went on to mention that Amsterdam was a great city to play in. “I would like to thank Amsterdam for being great hosts, and giving the Jammers a great experience.,” Barone added.

The championship is a first-time honor for the Jamestown Jammers. However, Head Coach Anthony Barone, is determined it is not the last. He is already looking forward to next year and being able to “repeat what we did this year, and defend our title.”

The team has spent many hours practicing and playing baseball, putting their blood, sweat, and tears into every game. The championship victory was not easily won. During the third game in the series, initially, the Jamestown Jammers were down 5-0. But all that changed when the tide began to shift for the Jammers at the bottom of the third inning when the team scored three runs, making up for lost ground forcing the score 5-3.

In the fourth inning the score was 6-4, as both teams scored one run. By the bottom of the seventh inning the Jamestown Jammrs stole the game with a score of 7-6. Before the game ended, the Jammers scored one more run to end the game a final 8-6.

August 9th, Jamestown Jammers Day in the City of Jamestown, New York

Barone also said he would like to thank the fans. “I know a lot of our loyal fans weren’t able to see the championship in person, and they followed us on social media. We are grateful for the strength of their continued support.” He mentioned the players continue to “do outreach work in the community, and we want to be seen positively for not only the championship but for our community outreach as well.”

Jamestown truly has a had a lot to celebrate in the last few weeks. The town has been in a state of euphoria, with much media attention surrounding the great things that are happening in Jamestown.

Jamestown has once again captured the attention of big headlines as the Jamestown Jammers are Perfect Game Collegiate Baseball League champions for 2018.