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Jamestown Board of Public Utilities

Business First named the Jamestown Board of Public Utilities (BPU) wellness program first among 10 medium-size company finalists competing in its Western New York 2018 Healthiest Employer contest. Winning this award automatically places the BPU as a contestant in the Healthiest 100 Workplaces in America.

The recognition was announced at a recent event in Buffalo co-sponsored by Business First, Springbuk, Independent Health, Wegmans and Walsh Duffield.

The program compared the BPU with nine other finalists in the medium-sized category for companies of 100-224 employees.

The BPU wellness program application described how the utility conducts biometric and cardiovascular screenings each year. Employees receive wellness points toward year-end recognition for achieving personalized health goals.

Employees earn incentive points for completing preventative screenings, exercise, local volunteer work and activities, attending lunch and learns and health fairs, participating in a hiking club, losing weight through Weight Watchers and joining several health challenges that promote drinking water, eating fruits and vegetables and walking for exercise.
BPU General Manager David L. Leathers congratulated the BPU Health & Wellness Team and said that the initiatives are a good way to improve the overall health of BPU employees as well as employee involvement.

“We are proud of our Wellness Program which has helped employees and their spouses improve their health by better eating, increased exercise, preventive check-ups and pro-active health screenings,” noted Leathers. “Healthier employees and spouses lead to increased employee availability and productivity, with lower medical costs for our business.”
Members of the BPU Health & Wellness Team include: Martha Abers, Tammy Anderson, Chris Bernhardt, Jarrett Devereaux, Todd Hoaglund, Trenton Lutes, Cynthia McFadden, Gloria Miranda, Jake Prince, Becky Robbins and Marty Tatoian. Human Resources Director Ross Snyder provides a resource to the team.