Jamestown BPU Assigned Container Program went into Effect July 1


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Jamestown BPU

The Jamestown Board of Public Utilities (BPU) assigned container program went into effect July 1, when BPU Solid Waste customers are required to begin use of the new garbage containers.

By the program start date of July 1, all assigned containers will be distributed to customers. Standard-size containers were delivered to residences in May. Customers who applied for the smaller-sized containers, due to reasons of age or disability, will receive the new containers before the program begins. BPU employees continue to distribute the smaller containers and will complete the effort by June 30.

Customers are reminded that, temporarily, garbage not inside the assigned garbage container will be collected with a fee of $25 per occurrence and a $5 per bag fee. Effective January 1, 2022, bagged garbage that is not in an assigned BPU container will not be collected.
According to BPU General Manager David Leathers, the BPU Solid Waste Division is pleased with the results of the program to date.

“A majority of customers who already have received their containers are utilizing them,” states Leathers. “We have enjoyed numerous positive comments from the public who appreciate the new program.”

When asked if any changes in the process need to be made, Leathers says that the BPU will purchase additional mechanical tippers. Installing two container-tipping mechanisms on each vehicle will keep refuse balanced in the trucks, instead of filling just one side of each vehicle.

The new containers and tippers are made specifically to fit BPU trucks. If a customer has an unusual amount of garbage that will not fit into the BPU-issued container in a specific week, he or she should contact the Garbage Hotline at 661-1651 to make special arrangements.

Customers may request an extra collection in any given week on the day before or on the day after their regular garbage days for a fee of $10 by calling the Garbage Hotline or by completing an online form on the BPU customer portal under “My Account” on the www.jamestownbpu.com website. Residents also may ask that an additional BPU-issued garbage container be assigned to the address for an extra $13 monthly fee by contacting the Garbage Hotline. Extra containers may be requested for a minimum period of six months of use.

For a fee, the South County Transfer Station, located at 2570 South Work Street in Falconer accepts garbage from County residents between the hours of 7 a.m. – 3 p.m. Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. For information, call 665-6894.

Normal household garbage should be placed into plastic garbage bags and put into the new container. Lids on the container must be closed. If the lid is not closed or if garbage bags are sitting on top of the container, garbage will be collected with an additional charge. Used, dirty pizza boxes should be placed in the assigned garbage with other garbage, not on the ground or in the recycling bin.

Customers still may discard four extra items each week on their normal garbage collection days. Such items must weigh no more than 40 pounds, must be no larger in volume than a single bag of trash and must be easily carried by one employee. This service excludes electronics. A bag of trash cannot be counted as one of the four extra items.

Larger and electronic items require special collection with a fee. If a customer is unsure if discards qualify as one of the four items collected each week at no charge or if a Special Collection appointment is needed, the customer should contact the Garbage Hotline.

The BPU assigned container program was developed for two main reasons. First, the City of Jamestown Code requires that customers place garbage in closed containers with lids and it seemed reasonable that the BPU treat each customer equally by providing uniform, assigned containers. Second, with this new procedure, employees will experience fewer injuries caused by repetitive heavy lifting and by needles, other sharp objects or chemicals sometimes found in garbage bags.

Communities across the country using a similar process report good results with increased collection efficiency; and increased neighborhood cleanliness and safety. Residents find less litter, odor and pest problems because lids are attached to the containers.

Information on the use of the container is communicated on the www.jamestownbpu.com website, on Facebook, Twitter, through local media and in the BPU’s monthly customer newsletters. Questions may also be answered by calling the Garbage Hotline at 661-1651, Customer Service at 661-1660 or Communications at 661-1680.