Jamestown Board of Education Welcomes Student Board Members

Natalie Carlson and Ellen Cross
Natalie Carlson and Ellen Cross

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Jamestown Public Schools

The Jamestown Board of Education is proud to announce the appointment of two ex-officio student board members, Natalie Carlson and Ellen Cross, for the 2018-19 school year. Natalie and Ellen will both be seniors at Jamestown High School and are the co-public relations officers for the National Honor Society. Their term begins July 2, 2018 and ends June 30, 2019.

At the last budget vote and school board election on May 15th, the public approved the ex-officio student position. JHS chose to have two students fill the position to ensure a student would be available at every board meeting.

“It is important that students know that they have a voice with the Board of Education,” said Paul Abbott, Jamestown Board of Education President. “Having it formalized with ex-officio members ensures a student presence at all meetings. I hope our student body utilizes this opportunity and supports Natalie and Ellen by giving them their suggestions and input. I also hope their presence sends a message to all students that they are welcome at any Board of Education meeting because they are the reason we do what we do.”

Natalie and Ellen are both very involved at Jamestown High School. Natalie is in the JHS Marching Band, Concert Band, Chamber Orchestra, Musical Pit Orchestra, JHS Softball team, Ski Club, Yearbook Club and Key Club. Ellen participates in the JHS Marching Band, Concert Band, Chamber Orchestra, A Cappella Choir, Musical Pit, Ski Club, French Club, Key Club, Raider Readers, Yearbook Club and Student Council.

Both students are excited to start their term on the Board of Education.

“I think being on the Board of Education is a great opportunity to give students a voice and a presence on the Board,” said Natalie who hopes to study business. “We are very involved at JHS and hope to be a voice for the extracurriculars that are available at Jamestown schools and show how important they are in all the schools.”

“I will try to represent my school from the student perspective. I think it is important for us to share what is going on in the schools; what is working, what might need improvement and how we can do better,” said Ellen who plans to study communications.