Jackson-Forsberg Running for County Legislature in District 10

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Julie Jackson-Forsberg

Julie Jackson-Forsberg is running for County Legislature in District 10, where there has been no choice on the ballot for the last decade. Recently, voters’ only “choice” for District 10 has been to write in a candidate or leave their ballot blank. District 10 includes voting wards in Jamestown, the Village of Lakewood, and the Towns of Busti and Ellicott.

In the same period, Chautauqua County’s population has continued its decline. We have continued to lose jobs, and our residents continue to struggle with poverty, homelessness, drug addiction, and drug-related crime. We are a County in need of vision and leaders who work together to formulate solutions and take action. It’s your choice, your voice, and your vote. I humbly ask for your vote in this election.

To learn more about Jackson-Forsberg and her candidacy, visit www.juliejacksonforsberg.com.