Interviews with Kelly Carlin and Robert Klein

Kelly Carlin

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Mallery Rockwell

Kelly Carlin

Kelly Carlin
Kelly Carlin is thrilled to make her third appearance at the Jamestown Lucy Festival. Carlin is a writer, public speaker, performer and radio host. Carlin is the host of “The Kelly Carlin Show” on SiriusXM and “Waking from the American Dream” on SModcast Network, and author of the highly acclaimed memoir, “A Carlin Home Companion: Growing Up with George.”

“My biggest challenge with my career has been having to find my own way outside of my father’s shadow, to be able to give myself permission to do my work differently than my dad did his, to be a separate person from him,” Carlin said. Her main challenge has been becoming her own person and creating a name for herself, while also paying respect to her family.

“I also want to honor [my father] and my family by writing about them lovingly but very honestly,” Carlin said. “So it’s been a real dance with my father in some ways and to find my own place in the world.”

Carlin always looks forward to visiting Jamestown and being a part of the magical atmosphere of Lucy Fest. “What I love about Jamestown is that it’s charming, it’s surrounded by such beautiful nature, the forests all around are gorgeous, and it has this spirit about it,” Carlin said. “I am most excited to be on the stage at Chautauqua, to get to have deep, robust and hopefully humorous conversations with David Steinberg, W. Kamau Bell, Jim Gaffigan and Jeannie Gaffigan,” Carlin said.

“I’m excited to have the opportunity to specifically be in front of that Chautauquan audience to bring a depth of conversation about comedy that we don’t normally get in the world,” Carlin said. “I always feel so welcomed everywhere I go around town in all the businesses and all the people who work at the festival, it’s a warm experience to be there.”

“I’m very honored to be doing these conversations and I’ll be channeling my Opera and my Barbara Walters,” Carlin said.

Robert Klein

Robert Klein
Robert Klein is excited to make his first appearance at the Lucy Fest. Marshall Fine, the director of Klein’s documentary, “Robert Klein Still Can’t Stop His Leg,” will accompany Klein at the festival. The screening of the documentary will be on Saturday. Klein has co-starred in the hit NBC series, “Sisters,” has a recurring guest-starring role on “Law and Order” and has guest starred on “The Good Wife” and “Royal Pains.” Klein has been in six Broadway shows and over 40 movies, including “Reign Over Me” and “The Back-up Plan.” He’s also been on “The Tonight Show” 92 times.

“It’s going to be a wonderful trip, we’d love a good turn out, whatever can help the foundation, I think it’s very worthwhile,” Klein said. “It’s serious, it’s not a frivolous effort.”

Klein has previously performed in Chautauqua and commented on its beauty. “When I stayed in Chautauqua years ago it reminded me of the old-fashioned Adirondacks, and the houses, it’s so beautiful,” Klein said. “Journey Gunderson, Kelly Carlin and others are so enthusiastic about this place that I volunteered to come and see it, and we got permission to screen the film,” Klein said. “I’m just delighted to go with Marshall and see it.”

Klein has been friends with Lucie Arnaz, daughter of Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz, for a long time and spoke highly of her character. “She’s just a very hard worker and straight as an arrow, nose to the grindstone, a good person,” Klein said.

Klein said that Lucy used to see her daughter at shows, so Klein spent some time with her. “She was a genius in comedy,” Klein said. “She was always kind of a little nutty, and getting into trouble, she was quite a beautiful woman. She was one of the most important television stars of all time.”

Klein’s family had a television since he was nine years old, and he was influenced by all of the comedians he saw. “Lucille Ball, Sid Caesar, Bob Hope–there weren’t many comedians I didn’t like. I liked the idea of someone getting up and making people laugh,” Klein said.