I’m Tired: A Winter Story


This bitter cold gets into your bones like nothing else, dear readers. With all this snow, icy winds and the drop in temperature, I feel like winter has wrapped its claw-like fingers around our little abode. As I sit now, my little one is napping in the chair, bundled in her winter’s best, and I am snuggled deep into our plushest blankets as well. The warmth of summer is gone, the fallen leaves of autumn are covered, all replaced by the dire chill of wintertime.

I feel significantly more tired around this time of year. It isn’t the kind of tired that makes life impossible, but the tired that lurks quietly behind heavy eyelids and a grand thirst for coffee. I am not sure if it is the cold, the time of year, or a combination of the two, but I’ve noticed it is very much a seasonal occurrence. Perhaps the bleak snow and gray skies scare off the extra energy I have during the other seasons.

When I am not moonlighting as a writer, I work at a grocery store, stocking the shelves, serving the customers, and generally, trying to make the shopping experience a better one. One question that is commonly asked between customers and store employees (of any store) is “How are you?” Lately, I find myself saying “I’m tired,” more than anything else. I think everyone else is feeling this weary-boned way, as they all sort of nod in agreement, and shuffle off to the next aisle. Together we tiredly traipse across the tiles, dragging our drooping eyes from place to place.

Is it just the season that makes us tired, as in the actual calendar dates? As soon as November hits, do our bodies send out a mass memo between synapses, calling for a decreased production of energy? Or is it something more external? Perhaps it is the cold, or perhaps, it is the coming holiday rush that starts to wear on us.

The holidays are enjoyable, no doubt, but it requires a lot of work that we don’t normally do. Getting the house decorated, keeping the house in order in case of gatherings, extra shopping trips, more traveling, less resting time…the list could be miles long. November and December are two of the busiest months of the year, with all the visiting, celebrating, preparations and more. Holidays bring joy to our hearts, families to the table, and a warmth we wouldn’t find otherwise – but the time leading up to it can still be stressful.

Whether it be the season, the weather, or the upcoming holidays, let us all remember the care and keeping of ourselves. Take a few hours, recharge your ‘battery’ with a catnap, or even a relaxing afternoon with a book. Steal a few precious moments of rest, and maybe we’ll all make it through the day with a cheery smile, answering “How are you?” with “I’m just fine!”

As for me, I’m going to steal a few moments myself – I’m going to follow the little one’s lead, and catch a few Zs.
Sometimes the best gift we can give ourselves is a little relaxation.