I Believe in Abundance


By now you know that I like to promote vegetable gardening. I think everyone should try their hand at growing some of their own food at home whether it would be in a large garden plot out back, or simply patio tomatoes in containers. I am a believer in “Abundance;” I believe the Earth wishes it so. She provides her fruit and wishes that we all share in the harvest of her abundance. I believe the Earth provides everything we need and, as such, no one should ever go without food. But this does happen far too often, all over the globe, in all countries. Starvation and food shortages still happen in this day and age when we have the ability to feed all of us. And yes, it happens here in the U.S. We are a wealthy country; this should not happen. I wish to inspire everyone to be a part of the solution.

A popular theme of 2012 suggests an opportunity is coming for us to create a new world. It represents a time to leave behind what no longer works for us; a time to let go of old ideas and create new. I’d like to plant a seed-a seed of new ideas.

What if you planted a fruit tree in your front yard? What if you did this with the understanding that anyone and everyone who passed by this tree is allowed to take some fruit? Then plant a tree in your back yard for your private use. What if everyone did this? We would have abundance wouldn’t we? Not to mention the pretty streets when the fruit trees come into bloom. While you’re at it, why not plant community tomatoes or beans. Wouldn’t this be fun?

Do you have a lot of land you don’t use? Have you ever thought of sharing some of it with the neighborhood? Allow your neighbors who don’t have land or space available to use your soil to grow their own food. When I worked with kids in the city to teach about gardening, we used vacant lots (with the cities permission), built raised beds and turned them into neighborhood community gardens. What is the old saying? “Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day; teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime.

Most of us who do have a garden and grow our own vegetables have more than enough to share with others. I know I always appreciate when someone shares with me. Or, if you have limited space, make an agreement with a neighbor–you’ll grow the cucumbers on the trellis and he can grow the watermelons.

To express that “I Believe in Abundance,” I started a tradition. Every year I plant a vegetable in my large flower pots in front of my business. One year it was cherry tomatoes, the next it was green beans. I like to watch as people walking by do a double take when they look at the gorgeous flower pots and state “hey there are beans in there!” I think this year I will make a sign, “I Believe in Abundance, please pick a tomato!”

Have you ever heard of “Gorilla Gardening?” The philosophy is simple. Organized gardeners sneak around their community and beautify small abandoned spaces that are looking pretty bleak and dreary. They clean up garbage and plant pretty flowers, perennials, shrubs or trees. With this philosophy, my belief and the little bit of rebel in me, you may just find a vegetable growing in your flower pot. It’s such a simple solution that most people will say “she’s over the top and that is one crazy lady.” But I say, “I am a believer.” A believer in the solution, a believer in abundance and a believer in humanity! Won’t you join me and do the same?