How to Lose 10lb. in a Month and Keep it Off!


Contributing Writer
Carolyn Wilcox
V.I.E. Fitness Owner

We have all heard the saying “80% diet, 20% exercise” is what it takes to reach and stay in our healthy weight zone. Eating a good balance of healthy carbs, protein and fats and treats in moderation is a choice you make for yourself and your loved ones. One pound equals 3,500 calories. In order to lose 1lb. a week you need to burn off an additional 3,500 calories a week. Combine this with moderately intense exercise 3-4 times a week and you will lose 10lbs. in a month and keep it off!
How do we know what is the right balance? There are many free nutrition apps that you can log your daily food intake to keep track of you calories, but this is pointless if you are eating 1,200 calories a day but 50% is fat, 20% sugar and 30% protein. Drastically cutting calories will result in short term weight loss on the scales. This is due to water loss and not fat loss, plus you will lose skin firmness and muscle tone as your weight yo-yos up and down.
Realistically, you can achieve a healthy 1-2 lb. fat loss a week by cutting 500 calories a day by eliminating processed foods, soda, candy and cookies and starchy foods. Aim for a breakdown 50% protein, 25% fat and 45% carbs based on an 1,800 daily caloric intake for women, 2,400 daily caloric intake for men.
An example for women of a daily meal calorie breakdown based on 1,800 calories a day: breakfast 500 cals, lunch 400 cals, dinner 300 cals, plus 3 snacks a day at 100 cals each. Breakdown for men based on 2,400 calories a day: breakfast 600 cals, lunch 600 cals, dinner 600 cals, plus 3 snacks a day each 200 cals.
An example of a weekly work out plan that burns approx. 2,000 calories for weight and inch loss, and at the same time keeps your body toned, sculpted and builds lean muscle mass: Monday 60 mins cardio to burn 330 cals. Tuesday 30 mins strength training and 30 mins bike at 14mph to burn 540 cals. Wednesday: rest day. Thursday 20 mins strength training and 45 mins group exercise class to burn 419 cals. Friday 20 min run at 10mph to burn 180 cals. Saturday: group exercise class burns 350 cals. Sunday: rest day. Add additional 40 calories burned from stretching pre- and post- work out.
There’s no magic wand or special pill. Simply reduce your daily empty caloric intake and increase your daily indoor or outdoor strength and cardio fitness activities and you will achieve your weight loss goals and your best body yet!
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