How did I get Here? – Nov. 19, 2012

Julia Garstecki-Derkovitz

How it came to be Thanksgiving time I’ll never know. The thing that truly scares me about getting older is how time goes faster with each passing year. The last two years have been a bit challenging for my family, and I’ve sometimes wished to fall asleep and wake up in a year. And yet in spite this, I know how precious a gift time is.

So many things are like this. For example, Drew is now cuddled up against me while I type this, having only fallen asleep moments ago. His nose is whistling softly, hushed sighs escaping while he dreams. He ends up in this bed more often than not, and I often wake up to his giggling, which he does often in his sleep. I cannot adequately express my gratitude for this boy; he was so desperately wanted and is so deeply cherished.

But his bedtime was three hours ago. This means for two hours and fifty minutes, he couldn’t sleep (wouldn’t sleep). There was whining and crying and negotiating, and so ‘Parks and Recreation’ took me fifty-five minutes to watch, though it’s a twenty-two minute show.

My daughter was furious with me for brushing her hair this morning and didn’t like her breakfast, and the pants she said were comfortable yesterday now suddenly aren’t. And yet, she makes me laugh like no other; it’s almost impossible to discipline her with a straight face, and neither of us can sleep if we don’t sing our special goodnight song, which for me is more like a prayer.

I’d like to get back into scrap booking, but I don’t know how to make the time. I barely have time to write. Between working, family, dust, dishes and laundry it’s the last thing I get to do (I’m in bed, remember?). And what would I prefer? No loved ones in a clean house? That would be cool (awesome!!) once (twice) a week. But I am grateful I live in a house that gets dirty, because I could easily be living in a house made of dirt.

Happy Thanksgiving, and enjoy those people and things you love, even if those are the same things that make you crazy!

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Julia was born and raised in Rochester, Michigan. After receiving her undergraduate degree in Elementary Education from Michigan State University, she moved to Houston, Texas to teach fourth grade. That didn't last long, as she married soon after and became a western New Yorker. After working at The Boys and Girls Club in Dunkirk as the Education Coordinator and working in the Special Education Department at Chautauqua Lake High School, she found her way to Bemus Point Elementary School. While teaching fourth grade at BPE, she completed her Masters Degree in Reading Education and became an adjunct professor at SUNY Fredonia in the Education Department. After having two children, Julia decided to stay home, though she currently works as a Student Supervisor for SUNY Fredonia in the Education Department. This allows her to still work in area schools, while having the flexibility to be home with her son and daughter. Recently she decided to give her passion for writing a try and has found success writing for regional parenting magazines and national anthologies. In her spare time she attends classes at Buffalo State College, completing her certification in Special |Facebook