Holiday Music: JHS Band & A Cappella Trip to Disney

Jamestown High School A Cappella Choir
Photo by Rob Sigler Photography

Once again, the trophy winning Jamestown High School A Cappella Choir and Red Raider Marching Band are on the road again to make holiday music at Disney World, Orlando Florida. Norman Lydell, Director of the Choir, is very excited to be part of the exclusive Candlelight Procession at the Epcot Center on December 28. “We had to go through a rigorous application process. We are one of three high school choirs performing that night. We will be performing at two of the three performances. It’s a great opportunity for the students.” Mr. Lydell said the students had to learn fourteen new pieces for the audition and the performances. It will be a very busy holiday season given the 20 plus performances the Choir does in the community in addition to preparing for the trip.

JHS Marching Band
Meghan Murry, Director of Bands, said, “we were inspired by Mr. Lydell’s success to apply for the New Year’s Eve Parade in the Magic Kingdom. We applied early in the year and could have been placed in any of the performance slots Disney has throughout the holiday season. We really wanted the New Year’s Eve Parade and we were chosen! It’s the busiest day of the year for Disney so we will be performing for a large audience.”

Four packed buses, 160 students and 26 chaperones and staff are leaving December 26 for a great week of fun, new experiences and lots of music. The band and choir have been fund raising for the past year. While most of the costs are now covered, some students do not have any extra for souvenirs or food. The community’s support would be very welcome. One can donate in a student’s name or direct the contribution to needy students. The students will be able to experience the parks for a couple of the days on the trip, returning to Jamestown on January 2, 2020.

JHS Marching Band

Ms. Murray added, “We are very pleased to be able to give our students this great opportunity and life experience to travel and perform. Many would never have this experience otherwise, also for many of our students this is their first time away from home and their families. We have high standards for performance and behavior. They learn how to travel, how to be safe, how to be on time and generally, be a good citizen.”

Jamestown sends its best wishes to the A Cappella Choir and Red Raider Marching Band as they once again carry on a long tradition of making us all proud to call Jamestown home.