Health Predictions for 2018


Contributing Writer
Jeffrey Barkstrom

Not being one to normally make predictions, I thought this year I would guess what the new hot topics for the next year will be.

1. Type 3 diabetes aka “Brain Diabetes”. If you haven’t heard of this, type 3 diabetes is that our blood sugar affects our memory. In fact, insulin resistance is starting to be found to be a key part of the progression of Alzheimer’s. Look for new diet therapy to be to suggested to Alzheimer’s patients including limiting sugars and grains. I predict legislation in at least one state limiting the amount of sugar in nursing homes.

2. Eating more fat. Recent research points to the mitochondria not only being the power plants of our bodies, but also the key to feeling well. The best fuel for mitochondria? Healthy Fats. I predict that doctors will soon be recommending the ketongenic diet that recommends high fats to their patients. Look for shortages of coconut oil and avocados, the most popular fats right now.

3. Collagen the new super food. Collagen is a protein food in bones, joints and cartilage. It has been found to be effective in everything from anti-aging/skin, helping gut flora and treating anxiety. Bone broth is a high source of collagen that may be made at home or bought at the store. Bone broth can be added to everything from soup to coffee for an extra nutrient burst.

4. Whole food pet supplements. Pet food is finally starting to be made out of things that our pets naturally want to eat (meat) and not things they don’t naturally eat (corn, soy, rice). Look for supplements that give pets more of what they need made from food. We started giving our geriatric family pets supplements made out of organ meats and the difference has been dramatic. The dogs have considerably more spunk and most noticeably, their skin and coats have gotten silky.

Other things you might see more of this year, Komucha, natural make up, and cell phones are addicting!

We look forward to presenting new workshops on these and more in the coming year. If you are interested, give us a call at (716)665-5015. Have a great and healthy New Year!

Jeffrey Barkstrom has been helping people with health and weight loss issues for more than 12 years. He has spoken at colleges, businesses, non-profits, national conferences and on television about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. He currently practices at Barkstrom Acupuncture PC, Natural Health Improvement Center in Jamestown, NY. Learn more at or at