Hazeltine Public Library Adds Lunch to Summer Reading Program

John Barber, program director from the YWCA, and Katie Smith, Hazeltine Public Library manager, finalize plans for the Summer Lunch Program at the HPL — Hazeltine Public Library.

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Hazeltine Public Library

The Hazeltine Public Library is pleased to announce they have added lunch to their Summer Reading Program. “The Hazeltine Public Library and the YMCA Jamestown have partnered to bring lunch to Busti on a limited basis, beginning July 10,” said library manager Katie Smith, “in talking with John Barber from the YWCA we decided to run a pilot program, twice a week here in Busti. We will be an open site, meaning no reservations are needed, anyone under the age of 18 is welcome to join us on Tuesday and Thursdays from July 10 – August 16. We will begin serving about 11:30 and finish shortly after noon.

This will be acompliment to the Summer Reading program, encouraging kids to visit the library before or after lunch and discover their favorite author and story” continued Smith. The Summer Reading Program and the Summer Lunch Program are free and open to all young readers – for more details and specific guidelines please contact the library at 487.1281, visit them at 891 Busti Sugargrove Rd.