Have you gotten the urge to de-clutter

contributing writer Amie Libby
contributing writer Amie Libby

contributing writer Amie LibbyHave you gotten the urge to de-clutter or sift through some of those things you have collected over the years? Are you wondering what in the world to do with it or how could you possibly do it alone? Well, you’re not alone and now is a great time to ask a family member, friend or loved one to come over and help you with this daunting task. It could be your annual New Years cleaning or maybe you are looking to downsize for 2012. Either way you could find some great homes for your collections, or maybe sell them or donate them to charity. There are many options out there to help you.

My first suggestion is to “gift” anything that you want to see someone have that you can bear to part with. I know that I enjoy giving gifts and being able to see others enjoy what I have given them. If you’re not interested in gifting, perhaps you have items or collections you want to sell. You can sell them yourself or you can hire someone to come in and sell whatever items you designate. The sale may or may not happen in your home, depending on the situation. There are newspapers to sell items in, as well as internet sites such as eBay, craigslist and WNY trades.

This could be a great way to downsize if you are looking to move into a smaller house or apartment in the coming months. I just want to caution you that if you are moving, don’t get rid of too many things before you move, as I think you’d be surprised at how much will fit into your new place. It’s hard enough adjusting to a new place; you don’t want to make that worse by getting rid of too much that’s familiar before you move.

I also think it’s worth mentioning that sometimes you can replace older items with newer ones that may have more than one function to save you more space in your new place. This could be a footstool with storage under it, or a sofa with a fold-down table or even a kitchen table with leafs so it can be small when you need it, but can also be big enough when you have guests. You may also want to re-purpose any furniture that you may not feel comfortable parting with or gifting to anyone. Repurposing is finding another use for something that may not be exactly what it was originally intended for. An example of repurposing could be an heirloom dresser that you want to keep, but it doesn’t match your bedroom set, you could use it in the bathroom for towels or toiletries, you could use it in the kitchen for towels, utensils or spices or you could even use it in your living room for media storage or organizing paperwork. Think outside the box!

Good luck to you and your reorganizing and de-cluttering adventures; sometimes it just feels good to get rid of stuff!

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