Be Your Happiest and Healthiest in 2015


We are now into our second week of 2015 and trying hard to keep our New Year’s resolutions to get fit and lose weight. Santa has left us home gym equipment and fitness monitors. We’ve uploaded MyFitnessPal to track our daily eating, and set the alarm to get up early and work out. We’ve given up chocolate, fast food and as for alcohol, well almost. No results yet?

Health and fitness experts state that its 80% diet and 20% exercise to achieve your goal. Start by weighing yourself, taking your measurements and a selfie, or having the Trainer at your Gym do this. Repeat in same clothes once a week only. Aim to lose actual body fat long term rather than short term with a quick drop in the number on the scales through an unhealthy reduction of daily caloric intake. Create a healthy daily food plan with each meal having recommended carbs, protein, fiber, healthy fats, cholesterol, sugar and sodium per serving. This is where the free nutrition app, MyFitness Pal, is very helpful in identifying which food choices are sabotaging your weight loss efforts. 3,500 calories equals 1lb of fat. It’s easy to reduce 500 empty calories from your daily food intake by eliminating processed foods, soda, refined carbs and limiting your daily alcohol to one 8oz glass red wine or white spirit, or one low cal. beer. Add calories burned from your work outs and you will enjoy results of 1-3 lbs. actual fat loss a week!

Make your health a lifestyle choice not a chore. Commit to a personal fitness program only 30 minutes a day, 5 times a week for overall body fat loss and you will start seeing significant results within 2 weeks. Unfortunately running on Treadmills and Ellipticals etc. for an hour each day as your only form of exercise won’t achieve overall weight loss and may have a negative effect. Medical research has shown long slow ‘steady-state’ cardio training alone depletes T3, especially in women. T3 is the hormone that controls your metabolism. Normal T3 levels allow our bodies and muscles to function efficiently. Too little T3 (Hypothyroidism) puts the body in a state where fat is gained more easily, regardless of activity. Lifting heavier weights reduces overall body fat and builds lean muscle mass. Your weekly work outs should include a combination of cardio, aerobic and strength training for best results. You will enjoy a stronger, leaner healthy physique with weight loss in all the right areas… women with beautifully sculpted, toned bodies and men with leaner, stronger and all over muscular definition!