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Gulp. Grab a mouthful, take a swig, and then grab it ‘n go! Fine dining on the run, right?

Wrong. It’s not fine dining. It might be convenient, expedient, and easy, but it’s really not what a meal could be. Remember this one?

Over the teeth, Past the gums,
Look out tummy, Here it comes!

According to nationalcalendar.com, National Junk Food Day each year falls on July 21st, this year it’s on a Sunday. The day is dedicated to the foods that everybody loves to snack on. By definition, junk food is almost always high in fat, full of sugar, toxic levels of salt, and best of all, loads of calories. The “best” junk food contains very little nutritional value. How’s that for a Sunday dinner?

Not ready yet? Try these:

So, it’s a good thing National Junk Food Day is still more than a month away. We have time to detoxify in advance.

Fortunately, there’s a little more food sanity in the world than there is typical fast food. Trudie Styler is an actor, film producer and director with 46 movies to her credit, the wife of rock musician Sting, mother of four, and best of all – if we’re talking about good food – a farmer’s daughter.

Trudy said, “Our body is the only one we’ve been given, so we need to maintain it; we need to give it the best nutrition.”

This week, Jamestown Gazette readers are invited to sample the slow food world. That means fresh food, right from the tree, the vine, and the earth. It’s the kind you prepare yourself, cook it, season it, and enjoy it for its wonderful colors, flavors, aromas, and its good nutritional values.

Real food: It tastes good and it’s good for you. That’s a combination worth trying.

Join Stephanie McCraw this week on our tour of Chautauqua County’s fresh-food Farmer’s Markets springing up all across the region. The only thing you will find there that’s better than the food itself is the people who grow it. They’re not fast-food people, they’re real people. They know how to work. They have the good sense and the patience to plant it and wait for it to grow to perfection.

When it comes to the freshest food you can buy, please forget the word Gulp. Fine dining is never “grab it ‘n go.” Serve it and savor it instead.

Fresh food from a farmer’s market will nourish your body and soul in a way that food delivered through a car window can’t always do.

Enjoy the feast and enjoy the read.

Walt Pickut

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