A Girl’s Best Friend?


With apologies to Marilyn Monroe and her 1953 film Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, maybe diamonds aren’t really a girl’s best friend, even though she crooned those famous, sultry words:

A kiss on the hand may be quite continental
But diamonds are a girl’s best friend

A diamond is, after all, only a crystallized form of ordinary graphite, made of a very common element, carbon, hard to polish and even harder to melt, more often black than clear and more useful by the pound added to drill heads grinding holes in rock by people looking for oil.
The world’s diamond miners have tons and tons of the baubles stored away in vaults which they dole out in a mere trickle to jewelers to keep the prices high, except for the 90+ percent of them which are really blackish, grayish and off-colored, useful only as an industrial product in machines and some kinds of sandpaper.

So what is it about a high class, perfectly faceted, brilliant, colorless diamond that can make it a girl’s best friend? It is certainly beautiful, but that’s not enough.

It’s not the rock but the sentiment, isn’t it? It is a symbol, a reminder of love, commitment and sometimes of honor in a bejeweled award. Those are the reasons it should be flawless and pure. It’s not really the price that makes it valuable.

I know a man who was married once, a long time ago. He told me his wife always wanted diamonds, “…but I always wished it was me she wanted more,” he said. “If she had, I’d have found her all the diamonds in the world.”

This week the Jamestown Gazette invites you out on a treasure hunt for a very special diamond. Read all about it on page 1 of this week’s edition.
The Ice in the 2015 Fire & Ice Ball hosted by the Jamestown Rotary is a beautiful, 1-carat stone, which will forever symbolize – if you are the one so fortunate to win it – that you had a hand in saving the life of the last child on Earth who will ever have polio. It will be the hand wearing that diamond that helped eliminate an ancient plague from Planet Earth forever.

Now that could be a girl’s best friend. But if you don’t win it, the Fire at the ball is a week on a sunny beach at a luxury resort in Mexico, which, you’ll agree, isn’t all that bad either.

If you can attend Fire & Ice this year, enjoy the ball. In the mean time, you’ve got your Jamestown Gazette.

Enjoy the read

Walt Pickut
Jamestown Gazette

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