Genealogy Support Group


Contributing Writer
Janet Wahlberg

After many years of inactivity the Fenton Historical Society is reactivating their genealogy support group. It will be known as the Hall House Genealogy Support Group and will meet for the first time on Thursday September 3rd at 6PM at the Hall House on Forest Ave.
The focus of the group will be to provide educational offerings to the members and also to share research challenges and successes with one another. It is open to anyone who is a member of the Fenton Historical Society regardless of their level of genealogical research expertise. As anyone who does genealogical research is aware, there is always something new to learn and even the most inexperienced researcher can offer a new way of looking at a problem.
We will begin each session with an educational offering and then spend time discussing our latest successes and challenges. The remainder of each session will be devoted to individual research using the many resources offered at the Hall House.
For those of you unfamiliar with the Hall House Research Center, you will be surprised at the diversity of resources. There is an extensive collection of family histories provided by families who have spent time researching their family and then generously donated copies of that research to the library. The shelves are loaded with note books that contain histories of many of the towns in the county and records from most of the cemeteries. Scrap books from some of the local funeral homes contain an extensive collection of obituaries. Combing through these is sure to reveal some exciting bits of information.
Newsletters from a number of genealogy societies both local and out of state can provide that one nugget of information that will help you through that pesky brick wall. If you wish to trace a family or business over the years in Jamestown, we have a large collection of city directories, high school yearbooks, photo collections, an entire section devoted to records from early New England as well as many books on the Civil War. These are just a small sample of the wide variety of resources that are located on the shelves.
We have a computer-based library catalogue that allows you to easily search through our collections. In addition, there are computers for your use loaded with various software programs including Ancestry and Arkiv Digital and links to the Lakeview Cemetery and the Prendergast Library. If you bring your own laptop, we have Wi-Fi.
I could go on and on as there is so much more. The idea is that if you have an interest in your family history you might want to consider becoming a member of the Hall House Genealogical Support Group. We will be meeting every other month beginning in September. Not a member of the Fenton, not to worry, on alternate months we will be providing educational programs open to the public for anyone wanting to learn more about researching their family history.
Come join us for the exciting opportunity to learn more about those who came before us.

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