Full Moon Rising Bakery: Full of Fun Ideas

Full Moon Rising Bakery Owner Andrea Latona and her mom, Tammy Jensen

Article Contributed by
Carly Gould

Full Moon Rising Bakery has long been a part of the Jamestown community, and has risen from humble beginnings. Owner and passionate baker, Andrea Latona, started out in her apartment, baking all sorts of goodies in the hallway that served as her kitchen for her hungry costumers to pick up.

“My dad came over and did a little walkthrough one day,” Andrea recalled with a laugh. “Then he asked, ‘Where’s the kitchen?’ I said ‘Dad, you just walked through the kitchen!’ Fortunately, I didn’t start doing cookies until after I moved out of there.”

Andrea had already acquired many loving fans who followed her through the bakery’s many location changes, from Warren to Jamestown. The bakery is now located on East 3rd Street, on the corner next to the Reg Lenna. It has received a wide range of traffic since then. But Andrea’s biggest fans are her children, the reason why she started the bakery in the first place.

“I remember getting so excited baking cakes and preparing for my children’s birthday parties,” she said. “When they were over, I was just kind of sad. I loved working on different baked goods for them and seeing their faces. I decided I wasn’t happy, and if I wasn’t happy with my job, my kids wouldn’t be happy, so I opened my own bakery.”
The name came from Andrea’s childhood nickname, thought up by her brother. And the bakery almost looks like it would when walking into a giant cupcake. The decorations match the place and the people working there, as they’re all bright, and wonderful, and always ready to have some fun.
“We’re a close group,” Andrea said. “Most people say it’s a bad idea working with friends, but I couldn’t work with strangers…we know each other and can read each other well.”

Practically everything on their menu is a big hit, but unlike most other places, they don’t have a basic menu. “It would get boring making the same thing over and over,” she reasoned. “So, we constantly try to mix up the menu and experiment a bit.” The cookie sandwiches are a big hit, and they’re hoping to do ice cream cookie sandwiches in the future. This week, they’re incorporating Girl Scout cookies into their cupcakes, but who knows what’s going to be on the menu next week? Only Andrea and her crew know.

“I think everyone should quit their day jobs and do what they want for a living,” Andrea said with a big grin. “It’s hard at first, but everyone should be able to follow their dreams.” And even though owning her own cupcake bakery didn’t start out as Andrea’s dream, she is now able to see the happiness her new dream has brought to so many people.

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