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Frewsburg Wine and Spirits Under New Ownership

Ken Siller, new owner of Frewsburg Wine and Spirits.

Contributing Writer
Darlene Brace

If you drive through the small village of Frewsburg, New York, you will see Frewsburg Wine and Spirits. It is on the main road going through Frewsburg, at 22 West Main Street, and it has curbside parking. Until recently it had been owned by Dan Kopf. Just a few weeks ago, in January 2023, Ken Siller bought the liquor store, and he is excited about his new business. Ken Siller grew up in Cheektowaga, New York and currently lives in the Buffalo area. Even though he is from the Buffalo area, as a child he often came to the Frewsburg vicinity with his parents to stay at a family owned home there. He thinks of this area as a kind of home away from home. He is planning on retiring to this area in the future, and that is one of the biggest reasons he decided to buy the liquor store in Frewsburg.

Ken has some great ideas about improving the liquor store. Besides having a liquor store’s typical inventory, Ken is planning on carrying local wine and spirits. He is already getting products from Johnson Estates, and he’s hoping to have spirits from the Southern Tier Distillery soon. Ken has greatly expanded the bourbon selection, canned cocktails, and the wine selections. Ken is planning on having a large number of different kinds of products, so that customers can find everything they want without having to drive outside of Frewsburg to find it. Ken is confident that customers will be happy to find that the store’s prices are competitive or may be even lower than other liquor stores in the area. In the coming weeks, he is planning on offering sample tastings of the products he carries. He is also planning on having a grand opening, which will likely be in May.

As a way of thanking returning customers, Ken has developed a customer loyalty program. On a customers’ birthday, they will receive a 10% discount off their purchase as well as two free 50 ml minis of their choice. In the future, Ken is hoping to add additional loyalty perks to his loyalty program, as well as having delivery options. Also, Frewsburg Wine and Spirits currently provides curbside service. By calling ahead to place an order, your items will be brought out to your car when you arrive.

Information about the sample tastings and about the grand opening will be found on Facebook under Frewsburg Wine and Spirits. Ken invites you to stop in and see the wide selection he has at his store, and to sign up for the loyalty program. Frewsburg Wine and Spirits is currently open:

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