Fredonia Enters into Bilateral Student Exchange



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The State University of New York at Fredonia

The State University of New York at Fredonia has entered into a new international educational partnership with Kadir Has University, Istanbul, Turkey, that will enable students to earn academic credit leading to their Fredonia degree in the heart of Istanbul’s historic and cultural district.
Kadir Has (pronounced ‘ka:dir ha:s), a private university founded in 1997, is comprised of five divisions or schools: Engineering and Natural Science; Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences; Law; Communications; Art and Design; and Applied Sciences.

A wide range of courses that Kadir Has offers in the following areas – art and design, graphic design, computer science, business/management, economics, international relations, biology, radio/television/film, communications and psychology – overlap with Fredonia’s curriculum.
All courses are taught in English. The academic year consists of two semesters: September through January, and February through June.

“We are always looking for good places for our students to study abroad at a low cost and without a delay in degree completion,” said Naomi Baldwin, director of the Office of International Education. Other factors also considered by Fredonia include location, student safety, courses and support services.

“Istanbul is a popular tourist destination; it the cultural bridge between Europe and Asia, so it has a lot of rich history,” Dr. Baldwin added.
The university has dedicated staff that assists international students, hosting orientation as well as a variety of programs and activities geared to their interests and needs. The Student Exchange Club takes an active role in assisting new international and exchange students on campus. There are also student clubs, 17 sports teams and non-credit courses that teach the Turkish language.

All international and exchange students are placed in the gated 11-acre Cibali (d͡3i’ba:li) campus that offers easy access to the main library, classrooms and faculty offices, fitness room, sports facilities, dining halls, residence halls, medical center, counseling center and bank.
The bilateral exchange with Kadir Has provides for an equal exchange of students between the two universities.

Students can learn how to apply and receive more information about this program through the Office of International Education at They can also visit Kadir Has’ Faculties & Departments website to learn more about the programs, courses and university.