Frank Duncan Finding Results a Long Way from Home

Frank Duncan

Contributing Writer
Cody Crandall

San Francisco. San Fran. The city by the bay. The city that knows how. Arguably one of the most beautiful, historical, and majestic cities in the United States. It’s also a city that couldn’t be further away from Jamestown. But, it does happen to be the hometown of Jamestown Jammers starting pitcher, and 13th round pick in the 2014 Draft, Frank Duncan. One of the many awesome aspects of San Fran happens to be the San Francisco Giants, who Frank has liked since his childhood.
“While growing up in San Francisco, I was a huge Giants fan. Over the years, I have had a lot of favorite players that kind of inspired me to get into the game. More recently, one of my favorite players has become Madison Bumgarner. He is a really young pitcher, who has pitched really well for them over the past several years. For me, it was really awesome to watch him pitch while I was in college,” Duncan said during an interview.
Despite his love for San Francisco, and the Giants, Frank chose to attend the University of Kansas, where he would enjoy a great deal of success and prosperity on the diamond for the Jayhawks.
“Deciding to go to Kansas was all about the opportunity. I had the opportunity to play at several schools close to home, and I liked all of those schools, but it was all about the opportunity to play against the best schools in the country. In the Big 12 (Kansas’ Conference), that’s what you get the chance to do, and that played a huge part in my decision.”
After his stay in Kansas, Frank found himself even further away from the “city by the bay,” in Jamestown for his first season of professional baseball. He has had a more than respectable season to this point. Despite a slow start, Duncan at the time of this writing has a 2-2 record, a 3.45 ERA, and 29 strikeouts in 44 1/3 innings pitched for the Jammers (10 starts).
“My first couple starts really didn’t go as well as I would’ve liked them to. At that point, I feel like I was just getting used to the grind of being a professional baseball player. Since then, in my last five or six starts, I feel like I am starting to figure some things out. I have really been able to string some solid, consistent starts together, and I’ve been able to give our team a chance to win.”
Consistency is one of the keys to being a successful starting pitcher. Good, consistent starts are what a team needs to be great. Frank Duncan is quietly turning into one of the most consistent pitchers on the Jammers this season.
“I just want to work to get better every single day. My goal is to go out there and throw up zeroes every time I take the mound.”
No matter what happens the rest of this season, or for the rest of his career, one thing is certain. Frank Duncan is making all of his family and friends back in San Francisco extremely proud.
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