For the Buffalo Bills, Just One Question Remains


Contributing Writer
Cody Crandall

All the changes the Buffalo Bills made this past off-season have been well documented throughout the sporting world. These moves, which included acquiring Rex Ryan as head coach, trading for LeSean McCoy, resigning Jerry Hughes, and signing free agent Percy Harvin, have shown everyone the Bills mean business. But as training camp is underway, one question still remains before the Buffalo Bills can take the next step, and end the longest playoff drought in the National Football League. That question is who is going to be under center when the first week of the regular season rolls around?
Look at the weapons the Bills have on offense. In terms of receivers, you have Sammy Watkins, Robert Woods and Harvin. In the backfield, you have McCoy, who is considered by many to be one of the best running backs in the game. We all know how good the Bills defense can be. The Bills were ranked fifth in total defense last year, and are making it a point to be even better this year. It’s obvious the only thing the Bills are missing that’s keeping them from being an elite contender is the quarterback position.
When you think about it, the Bills are really stuck with what they have in terms of quarterbacks. Elite free agent quarterbacks rarely hit the free agent market. In terms of the draft, the Bills hope to be good enough to pick toward the bottom of the first round instead of the top. So for this upcoming season at least, you are looking at either EJ Manuel, Matt Cassel, or Tyrod Taylor as the Bills starting quarterback.
Nobody is asking any of these three quarterbacks to be a savior by any means. With the offense the starter will have, and the imposing defense the Bills have, the starting quarterback will just need to manage the game. Don’t make mistakes, hit the open receiver and hand the ball off to McCoy. Surely it isn’t that easy, but essentially that’s what’s being asked of whoever wins the starting quarterback competition.
Fans will be able to get their first in-game look at the three potential starting quarterbacks, and the rest of the new-look Bills in their first preseason game August 14th against the Carolina Panthers. The Bills open the regular season September 13th against the Indianapolis Colts.

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