Finally! “Open to the Public Day”


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Chautauqua Children’s Safety Education Village

The Chautauqua Children’s Safety Education Village is now taking registrations for “Open to the Public Day” on August 23rd, 2016, from 10am-12pm. The purpose of this opportunity is to give families, whose children or grandchildren have not been able to attend classes with their school, a chance to participate in the training offered at the Safety Village. “We have had several people ask if we offered any opportunities where parents could bring children on their own,” states Executive Director, Terri Kindberg. “We are thrilled to be able to open our facility to families and have them experience the classes together.”

The Safety Village, located at 2695 Route 394 in Ashville, next to BOCES, is a not-for-profit organization which was formed in 1996. This unique village offers training grounds that are as real to life as possible. The DFT Communications Educational Facility, where classes are held, is surrounded by a child-sized village, complete with a business district, paved roads, a railroad station, street signs, sidewalks and everything you would find in an actual village. It is one of only 14 children’s safety villages throughout the entire United States. The purpose of the classes is to educate children in the areas of Traffic, Bicycle and Fire Safety. The goal is to decrease the number of unnecessary injuries and unfortunate fatalities of children in our community by educating them through hands-on safety training that they will remember for a lifetime.

Children who register for “Open to the Public Day’ will have the opportunity to practice what they learn throughout the entire miniature Village. They will experience a full fire escape in the mock home that is equipped with simulated smoke and a custom-made door that heats up to 106 degrees, allowing them to see what a door feels like with fire on the other side. Children climb down an escape ladder from the bedroom window and rush to their meeting place. They hear a call made to the 911 operator, followed by a call made to the Fire Department to dispatch the Firemen. A volunteer fireman will be present to show the children their turnout gear, air pack and mask that gives them clean air to breathe. Children also learn and practice doing Stop, Drop and Roll.

Traffic Safety will be another exciting class. Children age 4 through second grade, will learn about Sign Recognition, Rules of the Road, Pedestrian Safety and crossing the street at the four-way stop light. Then, they get the opportunity to drive miniature cars throughout the Village as they demonstrate their knowledge of street signs, allowing pedestrians to cross in front of them, and stopping at the railroad tracks to look and listen for a train. Children under 6 years of age may also take the Traffic Safety Course but will be passengers only in the cars.

Children, 3rd – 6th grade, will demonstrate their knowledge of bicycle safety as they ride throughout the Village, using their hand signals, maintaining balance while scanning over their shoulder and following the same Rules of the Road as cars. Children may bring their own helmet to have it fitted properly to their head or may use one of the many helmets donated to the Safety Village by Real Estate Advantage. Bicycles with training wheels are available for children who are not completely confident to ride on their own.

“People who have not visited the Safety Village before will be amazed to see it in full action,” states Kindberg. “All of the classes involve hands-on training which helps children not only to learn, but to practice what they have learned which makes all the difference in the world. Even parents leave telling our staff that ‘they’ have some homework to do because they do not have an escape ladder and their children’s bedrooms are on the second floor, or they have never practiced an escape plan or set a meeting place outside with their family. Our goal is to make sure the whole family is prepared and knows exactly what to do in case they have a fire in their home. One of our quotes that emphasizes the importance of the way classes are taught is…

‘What I hear, I forget
What I see, I might not remember
what I do, I understand.’”

Don’t miss out on this opportunity, even if your children have been to the Safety Village but you would like to attend as a family. All students participating in the “Open to the Public Day” will receive a Bike, Traffic and Fire Safety Course Completion Certificate. The class size is limited and registrants will be taken on a first come first serve basis. All students must register by August 19th. You may do so by calling the Safety Village at 499-8138 or emailing

The Safety Village also offers training and certification (both on and off site) for First Aid, CPR & AED through the American Heart Association for ages 12 years through adults. Courses are offered throughout the year and are open to individuals, businesses, healthcare professionals and other organizations as well. The next open class is August 11th, from 6pm-9pm at the Safety Village. That same evening is a Women’s Self Defense Class, taught by American Karate, which takes place from 6:30pm-8:30pm at the Safety Village.

In addition, the Safety Village offers a full Babysitting Course which includes an American Heart Association Certification in First Aid, CPR & AED. The next upcoming Babysitting Course prior to school starting is August 25th from 9am-3pm.

Lastly, don’t miss out on the final week of summer fun! August 29th-September 2nd, the Safety Village is holding Summer Day Camp, from 9am-3pm. The week is packed with great experiences for youth ages 5-12 years.
Information on all classes can be found on our website at, by calling 716-499-8138, or by emailing Also, become friends with Chautauqua Children’s Safety Education Village on Facebook and see pictures of past classes and events, as well as posts of upcoming events.

The Safety Village is sustained through grants, fundraising efforts, and donations from a generous community. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to make the Safety Village what it is today. To date, there have been 20,138 children who have been through the safety training, which began in October of 2010. The children in our community matter to us!