Fenton Pizza Challenge Names New Favorite

The 2017 pizza challengers were Andriaccio’s Restaurant, the third place finishers; Ashville General Store, who was picked the crowd favorite; Busti Convenience Store, Marco’s Pizza the, second place finisher and Fresco’s Pizza & Wings. Absent was Game Time Sports Bar and Grill.

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Fenton History Center

The Ashville General Store was named the crowd favorite at the Fenton History Center’s 2017 Slice of History Pizza Challenge, Saturday April 29 at St. James Church. The Jamestown Italian Heritage Dancers, with live accompaniment by “Uncle” Joe Iuculano, were once again fun to watch. They encouraged many in the crowd to join them as they danced around the hall.

The event featured six pizzerias, some who have been at the event before and a couple of new challengers. Among the returnees are Ashville General Store, who was the favorite this year; Fresco’s Pizza and Wings, who was the 2015 and 2016 favorite; Marco’s, a past second place finisher, and Busti Convenience Store. New challengers were Game Time Sports Bar Grill and Andriaccio’s Restaurant. Both were well received.

“This event was successful because of the location, generosity of the pizzerias and our great volunteers. The event was sponsored in part by Jamestown Mattress,” said Cindy Rodgers, President of the Board of Trustees.

Local author Joan Lindquist, who resides in New Jersey, donated two copies of her book “Remembering Brooklyn Square” to be raffled off along with a generous gift card to the Olive Garden Restaurant. The winners were Joe Mula and Ang Cimo.

“We do this to gather our community’s Italian heritage. This year there was more interest in the family tree information. I know we were able to add to a number of the genealogy files. That is very important to our research center’s mission to collect our local genealogy,” said Fenton archivist and genealogist Karen Livsey.