Fast. Fresh. Food. What you’ll find at Total Evolution

Kyle Zavinski & Lisa Streich-Means, owners of Total Evolution Café and Smoothie Lounge in Warren, PA.
Kyle Zavinski & Lisa Streich-Means, owners of Total Evolution Café and Smoothie Lounge in Warren, PA.

I had the great fortune of sitting down with Kyle Zavinski and Lisa Streich-Means at Total Evolution Café and Smoothie Lounge on Sunday, talking with them about their ever growing business and enjoying a wonderful meal.

On July 4, 2017 the duo opened their doors to the public in downtown Warren, PA. As with any new business it takes some time to find a niche, get a groove and establish a rhythm. Evolve , if you will. And after nearly two and a half years, these two have seemed to nail it.

Fast. Fresh. Food, is what it’s all about at Total Evolution. That’s exactly what comes from their kitchen and people are lining up for it! Within fifteen minutes of opening when I was there there was a line at the order counter, the phone was ringing and the staff was bustling. It was a great thing to see in a world full of fast food and larger chain restaurants.

Kyle and Lisa have an easy-going banter and are clearly passionate about what they do and the people they feed. Kyle, who is self taught and the main chef jokingly says, “Lisa does her share (of cooking).” While the main menu stays largely the same, Total Evolution offers new specials weekly, soups, sides and even something for your sweet tooth.

Using locally sourced produce and organic meats all menu options can be made Vegan, Vegetarian or for the Carnivore. Weekly Meal Plans are up and running and gaining popularity. “It’s affordable, convenient and healthy.” said one customer who was there to pick up her weekly meals. Total Evolution also offers catering of wrap trays as well as fruit and vegetable trays for healthy workplace, home or party eating. Their expanded coffee menu includes lattes, espressos and cappuccinos made with Warren’s own White Cane Coffee.

The newest endeavour at Total Evolution is a monthly Friday Night Dinner held the last Friday of every month, Chef Kyle graces diners with Gourmet Meals you’re not soon to forget. The soup starter is always vegan along with vegan, meat and seafood entrees.

Reserve your spot now for this months dinner, Friday January 31st by calling 814-779-8571, online at or by Facebook direct message.

It’s relaxed, lounge feel with handmade bar, tables and chairs by Jason Lee and local art, Total Evolution has an atmosphere of welcome and comfort. Join them every Sunday as house band Evolution Jams entertains with eclectic folk music from 1-4:30pm.