Farmer Brown’s Slow Smoked Barbeque & Grill

Pictured from left are Dakota Delaney and his father, DJ Delaney, who have joined Jed, Dena and Jeremy Hirliman to provide consistent service.

Article Contributed by
Stephanie McCraw

Al Fresco Dining

A desire for something different is just one of the reasons Jeremy Hirliman and his wife Dena entered the challenging world of the restaurant business and opened their seasonal restaurant.

Six years ago, Jeremy and his friend, Denny Brown, had an idea to start a hot dog stand in Lakewood to give people a unique option for eating out. The simple hot dog stand evolved into two large, bright red trailers with full kitchens, equipped to serve amazing homemade food from 11 a.m. until 9p.m., seven days a week. Comfortable outdoor seating and the restored “dining trolley” from Nashville add to the ambiance of a friendly, casual oasis on a busy main street.

A Family Business

Jeremy and Dena wanted to do something for themselves, their family, and their community. With a daughter who worked there each year until she graduated college, and a son, 15, who works there now, Farmer Brown’s is a family effort. Jeremy’s parents, Joe and Linda, are always front and center helping with food prep and engaging with the customers. Dakota Delaney and his father DJ Delaney are long-time employees that have become extended family.

The day begins at 9a.m. prepping food and getting ready for customers, and since the business includes catering, food is made in large quantities all day long. “The trailers get very hot inside and we’re working in very close quarters with one another,” they said, “it’s all about patience.” As for what they’ve learned: “Through the years, we’ve learned that consistency is key. We are blessed to have found devoted, hardworking team members that are with us every day. This helps us provide the favorite food our customers love to experience here. We hope our customers feel special when we recognize them by name and remember their usual.”

Passion for Good Food

Jeremy has a passion for slow smoked barbeque done right on the premises. He offers pulled pork, ribs, brisket, and smoked corn on the cob. “We’re always looking for new things to try in the smoker” he says. Many food options are homemade, including favorites like chicken salad and coleslaw. Cuban sandwiches are a standby, along with the Farmer Fry- curly fries topped with pulled pork, cheese, and barbeque sauce.

Dena has a background in health and fitness. She provides the healthy options. “We are happy to accommodate specific requests” she says, “Every time we make a meal, we act like it’s the customer’s first visit, and everything is made to order.”

Customer Appreciation

The Hirliman’s are grateful for support from the surrounding community and their friends. Farmer Brown’s is open from May to September, with peak business in June, July, and August. On a busy Friday they can serve 500 meals.

“We appreciate all of our local customers; we wouldn’t be here without them.” Dena said, “The best part of the business is interaction with the variety of people we serve. Many show up consistently each season, and others stop for lunch four and five times a week. “

“Our goal is to add a mobile unit to move around the county and do events,” says Jeremy. Until then, readers are encouraged to stop by 274 E. Fairmount Avenue to try out the extensive barbeque and grill menu and support a delightful local establishment. Follow them on Facebook under “Farmer Brown’s Beef and Moooore” for updates and daily specials.