Farm Fresh Foods Donates to Fletcher School’s PBIS Program

Librarian Lucia Teresi shows the new website and logo to Nancy Kavanaugh, library assistant.
Librarian Lucia Teresi shows the new website and logo to Nancy Kavanaugh, library assistant.

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Jamestown Public Schools

Fletcher Elementary School recently received a generous donation of snacks from Farm Fresh Foods’ owner, Dan Brown, in conjunction with Frito Lay and Crown Snack Foods. The snacks will be added to the schools’ Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) carts in the school store as rewards for good student behavior. PBIS is a program that is implemented across Jamestown Public Schools to promote and teach positive behaviors across settings.

As part of their PBIS Program, Fletcher Elementary School has a unique “Bee Patrol.” Classroom teachers or special area teachers nominate Fletcher students for Bee Patrol each month. Students are chosen because they are exceptional demonstrators of the PBIS values of being safe, responsible and respectful in all areas of the school. The Bee Patrol students are then given the recognition and responsibility of acting as role models for their classmates. They hand out gold tickets to their classmates when they notice positive behaviors in the hallways, classroom and cafeteria. At the end of the month, students are able to use their tickets to shop at Fletcher’s school store.

The PBIS team (Travis Knight, Gillian LaMancuso, Susan Carlson, Brenda Chandler, Ashley Calla, and Molly Frushone) is very appreciative to Mr. Brown and to Frito Lay and Crown Snack Foods for their generous donation of snacks for the school store. The students are very excited about having these items as shopping choices. As part of their PBIS reward system, Fletcher School welcomes community members’ involvement, as well as getting support from community businesses in this endeavor.

“We want the students at Fletcher exposed to positive role models in the community and to learn the importance of working with community members,” said the Fletcher PBIS Team. “Dan Brown has provided our school with a donation which will be a huge help in keeping our school store exciting and successful for the remainder of the school year!”