Family Health & Fitness During Summer Break


Contributing Writer
Carolyn Wilcox
V.I.E. Fitness Owner

Last month I wrote about Memorial Day weekend and the beginning of summer season in Chautauqua. Now it’s the 4th of July!
Summer Break has officially started, and many of us have school kids and college students home. This means changes to our usual weekly routine of work, fitness and socializing.
If you are staying home this summer vacation, make this a positive time to instill healthy lifestyle habits for your loved ones while the weather is favorable and the days are longer. There’s no better place in the USA to be during summer than at Lake Chautauqua! Create great memories of quality family outdoor time by enjoying local activities together such as golf, water sports, kayaking, hiking, art & music festivals, participating in local charity runs, and my personal favorite, family and friends BBQing, or grilling here in the USA 
Being at home during vacation for summer meal times, especially if BBQing outdoors on the deck, is a relaxed time for families because everyone pitches in and Mum isn’t rushing in from work, and preparing meals in the kitchen alone. The BBQ is usually Dad’s domain, no matter where you are raised! Use this time to teach your older kids how to prepare and cook quick and easy nutritious meals. Please contact me if you would like some healthy BBQ and salad recipes for summer with the carb, protein, fats, sugar, and sodium breakdown.
To fully enjoy most of the summer activities, you do need an existing level of fitness and stamina. The downside of fitness outdoors here during the summer months is rainy days, sticky heat and allergies. With this in mind, you may have been thinking about joining a Gym to fast-track shedding the winter weight. Don’t want to go by yourself? This could be the motivation needed, especially if your college kids have recently stacked on the ‘freshman 15’ and are feeling unhealthy and self-conscious. Ask your local fitness centers for summer break discounted rates for college students if you have a full membership. Become educated in a healthy lifestyle, and set goals together. Ask the Trainers about your target heart rates, nutrition, correct use of equipment and exercise form. Online fitness programs and DVDs cannot provide this one-on-one in personal service.
Summer break is approximately 8 weeks long. It only takes 4 -6 weeks to see a noticeable change in physique when working out using strength and cardio equipment, and being aware of your actual caloric food intake. Self-esteem, confidence and proactive thoughts are restored when we feel fit, healthy and energized. Wishing everyone a safe and happy 4th of July!

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