Faith Matters: Points of Interest

Pastor Shawn Hannon
Contributing Writer Pastor Shawn Hannon

My family has recently returned from a post-Easter road trip. As with all our car trips these days, my wife and I tread very carefully when it comes to one thing. We have learned that we have to be very careful about how we point out items of interest we pass along the way.

We used to be very nonchalant about the whole thing, but those were simpler times.

As our family has grown, joy has at times been sucked out of pointing out things we see along the way, and here’s the reason why: because now if we point out something interesting (or more than likely not that interesting, it matters not) on the side of the road, if every little person in the car does not see it, it ends up with someone feeling left out. And then the choruses of “wait I didn’t see it” begins. And it is particularly bad when one of the siblings sees it, but the others do not.

In the weeks after Easter, we are reminded that this is a tale as old as time. We are reminded of the story of Jesus meeting his disciples on Easter evening for the first time since his resurrection. They are overcome with joy. Their fear dissipates and Jesus speaks his words of peace. There is only one problem: Not all of them got to see it. Thomas missed out.

Thus the infamous occasion that resulting in Tom’s new nickname. Doubting Thomas would become the patron saint of unbelief.

But here’s the thing: Is Thomas’s desire to see Jesus himself


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