Faith Matters – Oct. 22, 2012

This Cup is for You

Scott Hannon
Pastor Scott Hannon

I drink from a lot of different cups. Currently, there is a coffee cup next to a water glass on my desk. There’s a travel mug in my car and approximately 37 empty Dunkin Donuts cups in my backseat. Yesterday, I drank from one of those plastic pink cups while visiting a member of my congregation in the hospital. And last night I found myself drinking from a beer mug.

Cups are a reality of life (see the dozen bottles and sippy cups on my kitchen counter for proof). There are cups for celebration, cups for life on the go, and cups we drink when life is difficult. There are cups for when we’re young and cups we drink when we’re old. There are cups for toasting and even cups for medicine. We need cups.

In scripture Jesus tells his disciples, “The cup that I drink you will drink.” (Read Mark 10:35-45). And later in his ministry, on the night in which he is betrayed Jesus takes a cup, gives thanks, and gives it for all to drink saying, “This cup is the new covenant in my blood, shed for you and for all people for the forgiveness of sins.”

If you’re like me you likely drink from a lot of cups. Maybe it’s a travel mug because you’re on the go all the time. Maybe it’s been a hospital cup while you’re waiting for recovery. It might be a sippy cup, a shot glass, a champagne flute, or a tea cup. Whatever it is – whatever your cup may be – don’t forget there is another cup prepared for you each week. A cup poured by God. A cup filled with grace. A cup which extends forgiveness and new life to all who drink.

As you drink from that cup may you hear Jesus own voice calling to all those who thirst…

“This cup is for you.”

Pastor Scott