Eye on Business: Stanton’s Garage

Ray Stanton, founder of Stanton's Garage.

Contributing Writer
Linnea Carlson

“The customer service is absolutely outstanding” says Barbie Price, a long-time customer of Stanton’s Garage, located on Main Street in Jamestown. With those six words, Barbie encapsulates what makes so many small businesses worth the patronage.

“When I call at the last minute with a ridiculous question, Brian always takes time out of his busy day to answer it. When a light shows up on my dashboard I can swing in, and Brian fixes it immediately…that’s why I am sitting here now, I needed my car inspected and he said, ‘I can fit you in today”.

Simply put owner Brian Stanton values his customers, as has his predecessors continuously over the past several decades. The ‘outstanding’ customer service is a hallmark of the family-owned business, open since 1935.

“I am the fourth generation, the business was started by my great grandfather [Ray Stanton], then my grandfather, then my uncle, and now me.” Brian Stanton has owned the garage going on four years but has worked alongside his family in the automobile shop for over 27. Like Barbie, Brian understands and values the importance of supporting a local business.

“I am passionate that money spent locally stays local. There are great people in this town that own a business. There are just great people in this community…it is great that you [the Gazette] recognize small business, and I hope that people follow suit, and support us.”

Staton’s garage does it all, from restoring classic antiques to servicing cars right off the lot. They also sell vehicles, working with customers to find the best fit for their needs. “We work on all makes and models, from Buicks to Bantams.”

Stanton’s certainly isn’t the only garage in town. But as appreciative customer Barbie shared, “I want to help people that live in my community, I don’t want to visit a giant, impersonal chain where people don’t know who I am. I like that little, small town attention”.