Eye on Business: Don’t Trash It Celebrates “Tin” (ten) Year CANniversary”!

Don't Trash It, today, at 147 S. Work St. in Falconer, NY
Don't Trash It, today, at 147 S. Work St. in Falconer, NY

Where has the time gone?! “First”, Fisher says, “Thanks are in order! Thank you to all of the faithful customers who have supported us since we first started out in the ‘old Agway’ building on East Everett Street in Falconer, along with the new faces we see each day – who have just discovered where we are and what we do. Thank you to our employees. We are proud of our strong team that works so well together. We are thankful to our employees that give a solid effort, day in and day out, even when the job becomes tiresome and tedious”, said Kirby Fisher, owner of Don’T Trash It, LLC. Fisher states that their business has grown beyond their expectations as they have seen continuous growth year after year since 2010. He said that this past summer proved to be somewhat of a challenge during Covid, not because of lack of traffic or volume – rather forcing everyone through the drive-thru for safety measures. “We pride ourselves and believe our continued growth stems from great customer service and learning new ways to be fast and efficient, as well as offering an indoor drive-thru service that allows the customers to stay in their vehicle from start to finish.” As volume continues to increase, Don’t Trash It has plans for 2021 to improve their efficiency with further focus on getting the customer in and out even faster. Fisher says “We know our customers are busy, therefore want to be as quick and efficient as possible to not waste their time. Our goal is to never become complacent, rather, continue to improve our process even further before the summer rush!”

Don’t Trash It offers an indoor drive-thru service that is Covid friendly, as well as easy and convenient, especially in the winter months. Account Set-ups are easy to to do and can be for individuals, businesses, or charity driven organizations. Account holders don’t have to wait in the drive-thru line and may enter the store to drop off their deposits, with a mask on of course. Let them know the account name and that is it, your refund will be applied to your account! Cashing out an account is as simple as giving 24 hour notice to prepare your cash or check. Don’t Trash It also sells propane, they can fill your tank or top it off. Don’t Trash It propane is also equipped for and has enough space to fill RV’s.
Kirby and his wife, JoEtte, look forward to the next ten years – and beyond, as they anticipate implementing new methods to speed up the process for their customers. Fisher states, “Please join us for an anniversary celebration, December 31st (9am-3pm), as we will be giving 10 cents for every NYS returnable bottle and can, for the first 10 people through the drive-thru that morning, as well as passing out a small token of thanks for your continued support.” CHEERS to 10 YEARS!

Don’t Trash It is located at 147 S. Work St. in Falconer, NY across the street from their friends at RS Motors. Their regular store hours are Monday through Friday 9am to 5pm and Saturday 9am to 4pm.