Eye on Business: Clymer Hardware and Home Center Provides Something for Everyone

Clymer Hardware and Home Center
Clymer Hardware and Home Center

In the midst of downtown Clymer, NY, there stands one of the town’s newer buildings and family owned businesses. The dark green outside of the building stands out from the road as you drive past, so that even if you are not stopping there you can’t help but turn your head and notice the beautiful building that it is as you drive.

A sign that matches the building in both beauty and size tells the passerby that they are either driving past or approaching Clymer Hardware and Home Center.

Upon entering the building, the first thing that one notices is the vastness of the place. Upon the wall above the front door and the back of the building there are old pictures of places and people in Clymer as it used to be. While having to turn and look up to view the first gigantic picture that is above the front door, the picture in the back is one of the first things a person may notice upon entering the store, made even more clear against the white walls of the inside.

The second thing a person notices is the aisles of what one might refer to as departments spanning the store, and the really, quiet, peaceful feeling one gets when they enter.

Store managers Amy  & John Woods.
Store managers
Amy & John Woods.

“We really are a unique hardware store,” said Amy Woods, one of the managers of the store.

“We are a hardware store, but also so much more. We also have a paint section and we sell fireplaces and outdoor furniture in the spring. We really do have a little bit for everyone.”

At the front of the store sits the impressive display of ceramic and charcoal grilles that sit next to the bird seed and bird feeders. Items such as these that one might expect to find in a hardware are littered throughout the store, and yet there are many more items that one might not expect. One of such items is the line of fireplaces that take up the back wall of the store. The fireplaces come in all shapes and sizes and are available for purchase, adding to what is a warm and comfortable atmosphere that surrounds the entire store.

Clymer Hardware and Home Center used to be known as Clymer Do It Best Hardware before it was bought by Lictus Keystone, the town’s local gas station, when the original manager Bill Rowan, decided to retire. The store was then moved from its old location to its new one, next to the gas station.

Amy Woods who manages the store with her husband John, used to be a Lictus, and put an emphasis on her love and passion for a family owned essential business. Woods also used to work for a real estate company before taking over the management of the store with her family. Her son and daughter, Evan and Anna, both also help out at the store every so often, truly making it a family business.

In a small town like Clymer, NY, there is a big emphasis on family and places that make you feel like family, making Clymer Hardware and Home Center fit in with the spirit of the town. Indeed, in early 2019 when the new building was originally being built, many members of the town were known to be waiting in anticipation for the building to be finished.

Since then, the town has been welcomed into the store and the store into the town as it gains fame and more customers, even during a pandemic, so much so that the only real challenge that the store faced was having to work out of a customer service window for three weeks towards the beginning of the pandemic. It has since been opened up again and all are welcome as long as they follow COVID-19 guidelines.

Clymer Hardware and Home Center has also had special birthday treats available for all customers on family member’s birthdays, and sometimes have special items and sales in conjunction with the happenings at the school, such as in support of the football team.

Altogether there is a real feeling of support and love from the community towards Clymer Hardware and Home Center, and it is a feeling that the family returns.

“We really do love this community and we try to support it wherever we can, and they do the same for us,” Woods said.

Clymer Hardware and Home Center is located at 8789 West Main Street Clymer, NY, 14724 and they are open starting at 7:30 a.m. every day except for Sundays, which they close on. See you at the Hardware!