Expressions Performing Arts Center Dancers from Randolph,NY headed to Compete at World Dance Championships

Members of Expressions Performing Arts Center's Revolution Dance Company displaying their awards from the 2019 competition season. Eleven members will travel to compete in the World Dance championships this July at The Meadowlands in Secaucus, New Jersey. Photo by Mike Frame

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Expressions Performing Arts Center

Members of Expressions Performing Arts Center’s “EPAC Revolution Dance Company” have had a busy year of travels competing and performing throughout New York and Pennsylvania.

After winning their regional competition early this year in Syracuse, NY with the Nexstar National talent competition, they were awarded the “Golden Ticket” and qualified for a berth in the World Dance Championships. Eleven dancers and two instructors will be headed to Worlds at the end of July to compete at The Meadowlands in Secaucus, NJ. Emily Beightol, Katie Beightol, Torrey Smith, Nichole Smith, Tailyn Shields, Andrea Conner, Madelyn Conner, Bianca Villella, Samantha English, Emily Johnson, and Piper Chase will be making the trip along with instructors Melissa Anderson and Danielle Chase.

“We are very excited to be headed to the World Dance Championships to represent New York and the United States. It’s a great opportunity for our dancers to compete at such a fierce level,” says EPAC owner and director, Melissa Anderson, “I think that the level of talent in our area is something we all should be very proud of. Our students work hard to perfect their performances and technique in class, and this competition is all of that paying off. We are so remarkably proud of the hard work and dedication they display to achieve their goals.”

“Our students are balancing school, extracurricular activities, sports, jobs, and community involvement with their dance classes,” Danielle Chase, assistant director added, “It’s not always an easy task , but we are so proud of all they have accomplished both inside and outside of the studio.”

Anderson and Chase went on to explain that the community support in helping the girls achieve their goal of competing at worlds has been overwhelming. “From sponsorships and donations to good luck well wishes, we never could have accomplished the trip without them!”

The girls spent time in the studio sharing what competing at the Worlds Dance Championships means to them.

“Dancing at Worlds means my team has grown as a group and been recognized to meet and dance with other amazing dancers from all over the world.” Andrea Conner, 15

“Going to Worlds means that we didnt just dance with our feet, we danced with our hearts…” Piper Chase, 11

“Dancing at Worlds shows me that if we all work together as one big dance company we can accomplish spectacular things we never thought we could.” Torrey Smith, 13

“Dancing at Worlds is important to me because I get to show the World what our small town has to offer.” Emily Beightol, 16

“Dancing at Worlds means one more chance to perform with my team before going away to college.” Emily Johnson, 17

“Dancing at Worlds is really exciting because I love competing and performing in front of people. This is one last chance for us leave it all on the stage.” Bianca Villella, 11

“Dancing at Worlds shows I Like to dance and not that I have to dance! We have worked hard all season as a team and dancing at Worlds shows how far we have come as dancers and a team!”
Nichole Smith, 11

“Dancing at Worlds is like the ultimate celebration for reaching our goals while doing what we love.” Tailyn Shields, 14

“Dancing at Worlds is exciting for me because I get to compete with my sister and with my best friend.” Katie Beightol, 13

“Dancing at Worlds means I get the opportunity to represent our town and studio at the highest level.” Samantha English, 14

“Dancing at Worlds literally means the world to me. When I dance I get to express myself in a way that I love. Dancing at Worlds is an honor and a pleasure that I’m very proud of accomplishing with my group.” Madelyn Conner, 11

Both the junior and senior groups will compete in semi-finals at The Meadowlands on Tuesday, July 30, with their lyrical dance, “Wake Me Up” and their musical theatre dance, “This is the New Year”. Once awards are announced, the top five groups will face off in the “Final Five” and compete for the World Dance Championship title

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