Enhance Staycations with Themed Fun Days


Staycations are an option for budget-conscious vacationers or people who simply do not want to travel too far from home due to mobility issues or other restrictions.

Enhancing staycations with entertaining themes can improve the fun factor. While any themed day can be inspired by an active imagination, these ideas can get the creativity flowing.

  • Superhero day: Embrace your favorite superhero by dressing up in his or her colors, donning a superhero T-shirt or watching an action-packed superhero movie.
  • Pajama day: This is a fun theme for rainy days when Mother Nature keeps you indoors. Stay in your pajamas all day and enjoy a cozy, lazy day.
    Alma mater day: Parents and children can pull out their trusted college T-shirts, sweatshirts or other school attire. Bake up some tasty treats in school colors and then find some old photos or look for highlights of your alma mater’s sports teams online.
  • Throwback day: Take a step back in time by playing games or engaging in activities from your youth. Teach youngsters about the toys you enjoyed or watch movies from the era in which you grew up.
  • Crazy hair day: Embrace bed head, plug in the curling iron, double down on hair gel or pomade, or put those wacky coiffures into full effect.
    Cultural day: Tap into your personal heritage by researching your family tree and then preparing a meal that coordinates with your heritage.
  • Arts and crafts day: Get crafty by tackling a creative project that the family will enjoy. Or engage in individual projects before comparing the final results collectively.

Push staycations to the next level with entertaining days based on certain themes.