Ellington Farman Library Fundraiser


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Ellington Farman Library

The Ellington Farman Library is hosting “A Fall Shopping Day” fundraiser on Saturday, October 7, 2017 from 9:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. Participants purchase a ticket at the library for $10 which entitles the shopper to a vendor list and map. Shoppers then visit each of the businesses and vendors listed on the list, enjoy lunch at one of the participating restaurants, and then return to the library at 3 p.m. for dessert and coffee. This year the vendors are located in the Ellington, Kennedy and Falconer area. As shoppers visit each vendor their shopping ticket will be marked. When participants return to the library at 3 p.m., they will receive prize entry tickets for each vendor that they have visited. The drawing for the prizes will be at 3:30. Give away prizes include items donated by each of the participating vendors.

Library trustee, Mary Jane Griffith, said the first shopping day was held in 2009 and it was a great success that brought people out to shop in an area where they normally don’t come. There are many unique shops outside of the city area that people just don’t know about. Some of the featured businesses include, The Ellington General Store, D & D Treasurers, The Cala Lily Yarn Shop, The Country Lane, Chautauqua Furniture Refinishing, The Falconer Pharmacy and the Blue Fin Pet Shop. A variety of Amish Shops will also be on the map. This year we will also feature a craft show at the Ellington Fire hall sponsored by the Ellington Town Picnic Association.

We are inviting people to get together with their friends and come to Ellington to enjoy a day of shopping, lunch and dessert. This is a great way to support the library and local businesses.

Tickets can be purchased on October 7th at the library starting at 9:30 am.

For additional information or to reserve a ticket, call the library at 287-2945.