Ecklund Running for Mayor of Jamestown

Kim Ecklund
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Kim Ecklund

“As a candidate for the Mayor of Jamestown, my vision is rooted in a commitment to integrity, transparency, and accountable leadership. I believe that by upholding these values, we can create a brighter future for our beloved community. One of my foremost priorities is to address the pressing housing issues that many of our resident’s face. I plan to implement innovative solutions that ensure affordable housing for all, fostering a diverse and inclusive environment that thrives on the strength of its people. Through careful fiscal responsibility, I intend to manage our resources wisely, allocating funds to essential services, infrastructure, and community development projects, including those that enhance public safety. By driving Jamestown forward with a “People Over Politics” approach, we’ll prioritize collaboration and progress, listening to the voices of our citizens and working together to overcome challenges. Leadership means not only preserving our rich heritage but also paving the way for a prosperous and harmonious future.”


  • Lifelong Jamestown resident
  • Attended and graduated from Jamestown Public Schools, Jamestown Community College and SUNY College at Fredonia
  • Married to husband Keith with 2 grandchildren.
  • Member of Holy Apostles Parish
  • Mentor through Chautauqua Striders – Over 17 years
  • Planning member of the Chautauqua Area Annual Buddy Walk
  • Jamestown Babe Ruth World Series Board of Directors – Vice President & Public Relations Division Director
  • Employed at Esolutions Furniture (Bush Industries) in Finance since 1989
  • Council Member At Large -2004-Present & current Finance Committee Chair
  • Current Member of Jamestown Local Development Corporation & the Parks, Recreation, and Conservation Commission
  • Former Member of the Riverfront Management Council Commission & Mayors Task Force on Efficiency & Cost Reduction as well as other Ad-Hoc committees as needed.
  • Former President of the City of Jamestown Neighborhood Watch Coalition
  • Former Board Member Jamestown Boys & Girls Club