Easy Ice Cream


Contributing Writer
Vicki McGraw
Elegant Edibles Catering

Hello, friends! I hope you have been making the most of the glorious warm weather we have had this summer! I know the last week or two have been on the wet side, but we did need the rain. I am enjoying every minute of the warmth. No air conditioning needed for this girl! We have enough “natural air conditioning” (aka winter) to do anything to usurp the heat. Just sit back, enjoy and read on!

My favorite part of the hot weather has been that that it has given me a genuinely good excuse to eat ice cream! Nothing says warm summer evening more than a dripping ice cream cone. The sight of a little kid with ice cream dripping from their chin will always bring a smile to my face! Back when my boys were little guys, we made ice cream in the most unusual of ways…we did it in zipper bags! Not only did we shake our way to a delicious frozen treat, by we got a little exercise, too (I figure it will justify the calories we eat in the ice cream). Be sure to read all the way to the bottom to get the recipe!

The warm weather always makes our favorite cold beverages that much more enjoyable. The unfortunate part of using ice to keep them cold is that it will eventually dilute your drink, but I have a solution for that. I like to make my ice cubes out of the beverages I will be putting them in. When I make iced coffee or tea, I use ice cubes made out of leftover coffee or tea (although for me, there is rarely ever such a thing as leftover coffee!). If I am planning to make a punch, I will use one of the punch ingredients to make cubes or a punch ring to chill my beverage. Another fun twist for ice cubes is to put a small piece of fruit or fresh herb leaf into each cube. And don’t throw away those few melon cubes that are leftover…freeze them for another flavorful chiller. Even if I am not planning ahead for something specific, I will make flavored cubes to have on hand, just in case!

So friends, let’s embrace the heat that remains this summer with a chilled treat and soak up enough warmth to get us through what will probably be a long, cold winter!

Easy Ice Cream

  • 1 C heavy cream
  • ¼ C milk
  • ¼ C sugar
  • ½ t vanilla
  • 6 C ice
  • 1 C table salt

Pour first four ingredients into a quart size zipper bag*. If desired, add chocolate chips, sliced berries, chopped nuts, hot fudge…whatever you can dream up! Squeeze out most of the air, seal tightly and gently squish bag to mix ingredients well.

Place ice and salt into a gallon size zipper bag* and place smaller ice cream bag into the ice bag. Seal tightly.

Now for the fun part! Shake the bag vigorously for 15-20 minutes. You might want to wear gloves or oven mitts to keep your hands from freezing! Ice will melt gradually, and ice cream will freeze. When you can feel the liquid ingredients have indeed become solid ice cream, remove smaller bag from ice bag, rinse to remove salty residue, grab a spoon and enjoy!!

*I recommend using freezer style zipper bags, since they are stronger!

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