Down to Earth – Last Minute Natural Thanksgiving Table Décor

Contributing Writer Joanne Tanner
Contributing Writer Joanne Tanner
Contributing Writer Joanne Tanner
Contributing Writer Joanne Tanner

We are now down to the wire right before Thanksgiving. I’m sure you’ve completed most of the food shopping except for the perishables. And hopefully your turkey is in the refrigerator slowly defrosting. As I think about my menu plan and how many people will be coming for dinner, I sometimes suddenly realize I forgot about the table decorations! Over the years I’ve come up with some easy and natural solutions to the problem. Just reap the benefit of the fall harvest to add nature’s creative textures and vibrant colors to your table.

I always buy pumpkins and gourds at the farmers market. Why not get two holidays out of them for the price of one? Parade your left over pumpkins and gourds down the middle of the table. Tea lights in clear glass cups scattered around your pumpkins brighten the dining table. Try picking up some white pumpkins and wrapping them with grape vines. A fun project to get the kids involved with is collecting, drying and pressing fall leaves. There are many sites on the internet to show you how this is done but using the old method of ironing leaves between two pieces of wax paper seems to be the easiest. (Make sure you place a rag between the iron and the wax paper) These leaves will last for months and you can use them on your table. If you don’t have time for this, dollar stores sometimes carry leaf decorations to stick between and around the grape vines. Scatter some real cranberries as well.

Mini Cinderella pumpkins or Apples make great votive holders. Choose an apple with a flat bottom or slice it on the bottom to stabilize it from tipping. Carve out a hole to hold a tea light in the middle.

Take a walk in the fresh crisp air with the kids and forage right out your own back door. There are earthy elements everywhere free for the taking and great for the small budget. Pine cones are in abundance right now and are wonderful to use for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Bake these in a 200 degree oven for a short time before using on the table-we wouldn’t want any creepy, crawling surprises for our guests!

Use Branches to add height and drama to your table or even your entranceway where guests will be arriving. Display them in a glass vase and hang acorns in various spots with thread or fishing line.

Sprigs of Herbs

Tuck sprigs of herbs like Rosemary, Sage and Thyme with napkins or silverware and tie with a fall colored ribbon. Or buy pots of these herbs and place them in fall decorative containers.

Floral Arrangements

Of course you can find Thanksgiving Floral arrangements available from Supermarkets to the Florist Shops and some farmers markets. Popular and still available are colorful sunflowers, bright bold and beautiful.

None of these ideas are new. You can enter ‘Natural Thanksgiving Table Décor’ in any internet search to find hundreds of creative ideas-check out the newest ideas and photos on: Remember we are still transitioning from the outdoors to go within for the winter months. Bringing nature into our home seems to lessen the severity of, let’s say “NDD- Nature Deficit Disorder.” You know, us people who don’t want to give up the outdoors and the garden. I wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.