Distilling Returns to Jamestown, NY


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Enchanted Mountain Spirits

Enchanted Mountain Spirits, a New York State Farm Distillery, located in Jamestown NY, is named after the Cattaraugus County Mountains and shares the colloquial name of The Enchanted Mountains with the Shehy Mountains, County Cork, Ireland. The highest peak being Knockboy, where the O’Neill family recipe for Poteen was born. Enchanted Mountain Spirits are the makers of Knockboy Poteen (pronounced Puh-Cheen, meaning “small pot” in Irish) and Knockboy Vodka. Both are based on the O’Neill family recipe, which is over 200 years old.

Enchanted Mountain Spirits is the dream of Matt Moore and Mick O’Neill. These two lads have a passion for high quality traditional spirits.

It all started on Labor Day 2014, where Matt and Mick were sitting around talking about things they would like to do. Mick stated, “Open a distillery.” To which, Matt replied, “Why don’t you?” After lengthy talks and tons of research a business plan was hatched. After 18 months, and some excellent support from the office of Senator Schumer, they had their federal approval. And it’s all been fun from there!

The Enchanted Mountain Spirits team: Matt is the business consultant, Mick is the Head Distiller and day-to-day business operations. Joining these two muckers, and bringing the blarney, is John Fisk as Assistant Distiller and Salesman.

Knockboy Poteen is never distilled above 160 proof, the traditional whiskey proof, which allows a typical whiskey nose and bite, but finishes sweet and smooth, and disappears in the throat.

Knockboy Vodka is distilled 6 times in 4-2 plate column using Knockboy Poteen, giving it a unique flavor profile and extremely smooth finish that will delight your taste buds.

Each batch is diligently hand-crafted in their two 30 gallon custom made copper pot stills using only the finest ingredients. Enchanted Mountain Spirits uses Reba potatoes, Distiller’s malted barley, smoked caraway seed and single varietal Goldenrod honey. All ingredients are grown and produced in New York State.

Enchanted Mountain Spirits cut their potatoes by hand.

…label their bottles by hand.

…hand dip the bottles in their signature copper wax to seal them.

The final step is signing and numbering each bottle by hand.

Oh yeah! Their batch size is 47-53 bottles…

So, when they say hand-crafted small batch, they mean it!

Enchanted Mountain Spirits offers tastings and tours; available by appointment and during open hours.

Patrons must be 21. They also offer free board games, darts and corn hole in their tasting room for visitors to while away the hours. Their tasting room is available for private events.

Check out their Facebook page for current news, notes and shenanigans!

Enchanted Mountain Spirits may be reached by email info@enchantedmountainspirits.com or by phone at 716-483-4673 M-F 10am – 4pm.