Destination to a Dream Program Announced

Jamestown Community College president Cory Duckworth and State University of New York at Fredonia president Virginia Horvath.
Jamestown Community College president Cory Duckworth and State University of New York at Fredonia president Virginia Horvath.

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Jamestown Community College

The State University of New York at Fredonia and Jamestown Community College have announced a partnership designed to give prospective students a seamless pipeline from JCC to Fredonia, with opportunities for unique academic support from JCC and vibrant student life and research opportunities at Fredonia.

The program, titled Destination to a Dream, allows all students to be part of the JCC and Fredonia experience, regardless of their previous academic background. Students who were not previously eligible to attend Fredonia can undertake course work at JCC, including developmental course work, and then continue their education at Fredonia, based on their GPA. During the admissions process, admissions counselors at Fredonia will identify students who are eligible for the program. Successful students will have the opportunity to earn both an associate’s degree from JCC and a bachelor’s degree from Fredonia.

“This is an incredible opportunity for students in the region,” said Fredonia President Virginia Horvath, “including those who have followed non-traditional paths to college. Together, Fredonia and JCC will be able to offer students a full college experience — with chances to develop research and leadership skills. They will also have the academic support needed to progress toward a bachelor’s degree. This partnership will enhance the learning opportunities in Chautauqua County and the ways our institutions positively impact the communities we serve.”

“We’re thrilled with this next step in the JCC/Fredonia partnership,” noted JCC President Cory Duckworth. “The more we can work together, the better it will be for our communities and for our students. As we begin implementing this program, we are continuing to plan for expanded collaborative opportunities in the future.”

In most cases, students in the program would attend classes at JCC’s North County Center in Dunkirk. After two years of study in JCC’s academic programs, students would transfer seamlessly to Fredonia, provided they have maintained a minimum GPA needed for their given major.

Another program, SUNY Select, is exploring ways to bring baccalaureate programs from Fredonia and Empire State College to the Jamestown campus in the future.

While they are enrolled at JCC or Fredonia, students in the Destination to a Dream program will have the immersive experience of student life on the Fredonia campus. They will live in Fredonia’s residence halls, eat in the dining centers, and have the opportunity to join more than 170 student organizations.

“The ultimate goal with this collaboration is student success,” said Fredonia Vice President for Enrollment and Student Services Cedric Howard. “This collaboration allows us to take our individual proficiencies and leverage them collectively, to make this region an attractive place for students to receive their undergraduate degrees.”

“This is a wonderful opportunity for JCC and Fredonia to bring our institutions together to serve an even greater number of students,” said JCC Vice President of Enrollment Management and Institutional Advancement Kirk Young. “Fredonia has been a solid educational partner with JCC, and this enhanced collaboration enables us to bring our collective strengths together to serve our students better.”

Transportation will be provided between Fredonia and the JCC North County Center.

Prospective students with questions about the program can call the Fredonia admissions office at 800.252.1212 or go to