Creating My Own Identity




Creating My Own Identity

By Carly Whisner


In Jamestown many opportunities are given to pursue a higher-level education. This includes the advanced placement program at Jamestown High School. The courses have allowed many students to be challenged in a college-based course while in high school. This not only helps to prep for college, but allows for one to obtain college credit. The program is what prompted me to choose this high school when the time came. Without these courses many students would become bored in classes and lose interest. The AP program sparks interest in what a student may pursue in college. The courses would not be possible without the phenomenal teachers who teach them, they help to make each course meaningful.


I chose to write about the advanced placement program because I take in the courses. It has be an amazing opportunity to be able to do college courses while still in high school. It has taught me about what to expect when I go to college.

Editor’s Note: We selected this short prose piece this week to highlight one of Jamestown’s youth who knows a personal identity is a thing to be built and nurtured, not simply an accident of birth or circumstances.