CRCF Hosts Annual Meeting

The Chautauqua Region Community Foundation’s 2022 Board of Directors, front row: Laura Otander, Joe Bellitto, Becky Robbins, Lorraine Diggs, Rex McCray. Back row: Amit Taneja, Chloe Smith, Mary Schiller, Todd Hanson, Harold Brunacini and Peter Stark.
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Chautauqua Region Community Foundation

At its annual meeting on June 15, the Chautauqua Region Community Foundation celebrated a record-breaking year of asset growth and community impact, while recognizing its volunteers who help make their work possible.

According to Tory Irgang, executive director, at the end of 2021, the Foundation was administering over 700 permanent endowment funds whose assets totaled $142.2 million. The Foundation also granted nearly $4 million to 203 nonprofit organizations and 680 students for higher education and job training.

“Throughout the year, we witness generosity from individuals and families in many forms,” Irgang said. “The most recognizable may be the financial contributions people give. However, just as important is the time donated by more than 100 community volunteers who have collectively given hundreds of hours to research and recommend ways our dollars can impact our community.”

The Community Foundation’s membership is made up of individuals with diverse skill sets, backgrounds and experiences who help guide the Foundation’s grantmaking and scholarship processes.

During the meeting, the following individuals were elected to serve a three-year term: Natasha Battle, Cameron Hurst, Betsy Kidder, Itza Morales, Mary Rappole and Rob White.

In addition to electing members, the membership also elected to appoint Todd Hanson and Amit Taneja to a five-year term on the Foundation’s Board of Directors.

Hanson, a trained electrician who spent 30 years working for Ahlstrom-Schaeffer Electric before joining Stark Tech as a business development manager, previously served on the Foundation’s grants committee and provided invaluable insight into many capital project requests. Taneja serves as the inaugural Senior Vice President and Chief Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Accessibility (IDEA) Officer at Chautauqua Institution.

The Foundation also recognized and thanked several individuals whose membership terms have ended, Tracy Buck, Joe Calimeri and Megan Herman.

Dana Lundberg was also recognized for his 10 years of service on the Foundation’s Board of Directors.

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