Craft World and Action Hobbies


The model planes and the bright colored signs hanging from the ceiling welcome customers into one of the last hobby shops around. Craft World and Actions Hobbies, located at 509 W. 3rd St. is a rare gem in the world of malls and online shopping.

“My mom and dad started it when I was a junior in high school, in 1975,” owner Greg Moller said. After owning the store for 25 years, Terry and ZoeAnne Moller decided it was time to pull back a bit, so they left the ownership of the store to their son Greg. He has owned the store for the past 15 years. “My son is next in line,” Greg said of when he retires.

The entire family is very much involved in running the business. ZoeAnne greets the customers who walk in with a bright smile, while her son is upstairs helping a customer with a problem. Terry has his very own spot in the front left corner of the store, where he will repair and answer any questions about trains. One of the neon signs marks his domain. Greg’s son is also involved; he currently manages the website and all of the online orders.

“We’re a full line hobby shop,” Greg described. “We have trains, rockets, models, remote controls, puzzles, art supplies.” The list goes on. Two full floors and a website worth of model parts and art supplies. “We pretty much have to do it all, because we’re a small town,” Greg said.

Small town or not, people come from all over, including Pittsburgh and Cleveland, to browse around Jamestown’s hobby shop. “When they get here, they’re just so thrilled that they have a place to go,” Greg said. “We’re kind of one of the last of the traditional hobby shops.”
Times have greatly changed in the 40 years since the Mollers first opened their hobby shop. However, Craft World and Action Hobbies has grown significantly since then. “It was right next to the Post-Journal for the first five years, on 2nd St. There used to be a series of stores right in the parking ramp there,” Greg remembered.

The shop then moved to Cherry St. for about 20 years, until Greg took it over and moved it to its current location. “I wanted a parking lot,” he explained.

Prior to taking over his parents’ shop, Greg owned an auto parts store, where he learned how to run a business. The most important thing he has learned from running a business is how to listen to people, a good skill for any area of life.

“It may not be a matter of stocking what you like, you have to stock what your customers are going to like. If I filled the store with stuff that I liked, then I’d be out of business in a month,” Greg smiled. “You have to go with what they’re looking for.”

With the variety of items sold at Craft World and Action Hobbies, it would be hard for customers not to find what they’re looking for. The shop on 3rd St. is open from 9:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Thursday, from 9:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Friday, and 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday. The shop is closed on Sundays, but is always open online at The phone number is 716-484-1780.