Couponing Made Easy


Last month, I led a seminar at Lutheran for people that are interested in coupons and other ways to save money. Since then, I have had many great conversations with friends, coworkers and community members about different ways to save. I thought I would reach out to anyone who wasn’t able to make it to the seminar and talk a little about what I call “easy couponing.”

First and foremost, I am not an “extreme couponer.” I simply clip coupons and take advantage of deals to save money and stretch my family’s budget. I don’t buy anything we don’t use. I think this is important especially to those on a fixed income. Using a few coupons can put a few more dollars in people’s pockets to spend on other things like co-pays and bills.

One of my tips is to read through the ads for two reasons; one, to know where the sales are so you can match your coupons to the sale, and two, to make a list for price matching. Price matching is taking all your ads to another store to get that same price without having to shop at several stores. Price matching usually only involves the sale price, not the everyday price. I rely mostly on email newsletters or blogs where all the matching is done for me. This saves me some time.

I also tell people to check out those clearance bins, you never know what you’ll find in there and if it’s something you’ll use and you have a coupon you could really increase your savings. When I clip my coupons I usually have a stack of “will buy” and “would buy- if the price is good enough.” I throw out a lot of those coupons and end up purchasing cheaper items, but I have used them once in a while and to me, that’s worth it. You may disagree, as each couponer is unique!

Using coupons is another form of payment when paying for groceries, it’s just like money. If you found a $1 bill in your newspaper, I’d bet you’d take it and spend it, right? If you always buy a certain item and you found a coupon for that particular item there’s no reason to not use the coupon. That’s my style. I don’t buy something just because I have a coupon; coupons are not the boss of me!

Coupon rules can be frustrating. I don’t recommend using those coupons with ridiculous rules, just clip what works for you. It’s my dream that whoever comes up with these rules will see that we are not interested in saving $1 on 4 items, we want to choose how many items we buy, so if we buy one, we want to still save money.

Just the activity of coupon clipping is enjoyable to me, it’s “Amie” time. I’ve heard others do it for Occupational Therapy, working on their fine motor skills. I also see it as a way to spend time with friends who use coupons. I know I don’t use all the coupons in the paper, so I pass them along. I will also save “special” coupons for friends and family members to save me or someone I know some money. Maybe it is only a few dollars, but it helps.

So, couponing doesn’t have to be complicated and saving money isn’t all about clipping coupons, sometimes it is just about buying when the deals are at their best!

Now go forth & save money!

Amie Libby is a Service Coordinator and works for Lutheran in the Senior Housing Division. Contact Amie Libby, at Lutheran Senior Housing

737 Falconer St., Jamestown, NY 14701 or by e-mail at