Mayville, New York is the cornerstone of Chautauqua County. She sits at the head of the County’s biggest asset, Chautauqua Lake, connects the County to the nation via I-90 and Lake Erie, in addition to being the County seat.

Article Contributed by
Joni Blackman

The County Seat

Mayville is the home of the county courthouse and all of the supporting services that entails. Over 1,000 county employees come into Mayville every working day. They make our local government run. The county seat obviously attracts many visitors to the village to do their legal work and conduct business. They eat in the cafes and restaurants, shop in the stores and may take a break to enjoy the beauty of the lake.

Walking Path Improvements

Mayor Kenneth Shearer has only been on the job for five months. He has ambitious plans to jump start the economic development in Mayville. So far two restaurants, a second hand clothing store and an office tenant are opening their doors by the end of the summer. Shearer inherited the paved walking path that has already turned into a busy place during the good weather. The paved path currently runs from Mayville Park to Route 430, just south of the village. The future plans are to expand it in both directions to Chautauqua Institution to the south and Barcelona to the north. The village was awarded a grant to add picnic tables, trash receptacles and bike racks to the path to encourage more engagement, activity and future development.

The village staff and departments are working on water mains, adding a water well, and adding/upgrading an electric substation. The improvements will allow the village to maintain its current usage and prepare for future growth.

Things To Do:
4th of July Parade, Chautauqua Lake Pops

Music will be in the air along the beautiful shores of Chautauqua Lake on June 29th and every weekend of the summer season. Saturday, June 29th, is the opening night for the Chautauqua Lake Pops Floating Stage season. A Journey Tribute Band will take the stage. The stage is anchored behind the trolley building, across from the Lakeview Hotel and Restaurant. Tickets are reasonably priced for this family friendly venue. Visit the website for the full schedule of bands, movies and events. There is even a free electric powered golf-cart limousine to move visitors between the many restaurants, ice cream vendors and shops on Route 394. Don’t forget to say thank you.

Quaint, hometown Mayville provides a patriotic backdrop for the County’s largest and highest attended 4th of July parade. Floats, orgainizations and marching bands from all over the County fill Mayville’s main street with music and fun. The parade starts at 10 AM on the 4th and continues with activities, events, live music, and food all day. The holiday culminates with fireworks and the traditional lighting of the flares around the Lake at 10 pm.

Coming Soon:
Chautauqua Lodge

The Lodge at Chautauqua Lake, which is getting closer to reality, will offer an ownership experience unlike anything in the region. It will be in the same area that the 3 Seas Recreation business was located just south of the trolley building. The Lodge will have luxury residences within a full-service resort atmosphere that will provide families with a relaxing and convenient way to own a second home on the lake. The office for inquiries is located at Webb’s Captain’s Table Restaurant just south of the build site.

Two Hundred Plus Years of History

Mayville was started in 1804. Chautauqua County was organized in 1810 when it reached a population of 500 male voters. Mayville was chosen as the county seat. It was also the home of the Holland Land Company’s administration office for Chautauqua County until it was moved to Westfield around 1836. Mayville grew steadily with the important addition of steamboat travel in the late 1820s, the arrival of the railroad in 1867, followed in 1904 by the traction company trolley system. The salt and ice industries and furniture making were also strong components of this important village’s history.

Tourism has it routes (roots) in Mayville. She is the County’s transportation hub connecting the south County city, towns and villages to Lake Erie (in modern times north to I-90) and the nation. The guests and residents who used the steamboats, railroads, trolleys and vehicle transportation were able to eat, sleep and relax in Mayville at the hotels and restaurants in the early days of travel. Today Mayville offers a great weekend get-away.

Let It Snow

The village of Mayville comes alive during the winter. If there is enough snow, look out! Snowmobilers come from all over the country to enjoy the excellent trails, good food, and friendly people. The President’s Day Festival is a long-time event. If the weather is just right, a dedicated group of local residents cut blocks of ice from the Lake and build an ice castle that is a site to behold. It is adorned with flags and illuminated with colored lights. It is the centerpiece of a three-day event that features family friendly activities, food, snowmobile rides, carriage rides, a chili cook-off, and a polar bear swim benefit. Keep your eyes open at the main intersection by the courthouse for the snow fall totals!

Mayville, New York is a year-round destination for many looking to get away from their day-to-day routines.