Community of Lights to Light Up Jamestown

“We have a great chance to bring a little more light and happiness to Jamestown in a dark time,” said Zach Agett, Marketing and Events Manager for the Jamestown Renaissance Corporation (JRC).

JRC is partnering with Kristie Voty, the owner of Chautauqua Sign who originated the idea, to create the Greater Jamestown “Community of Lights” decorating contest.
She invites everybody to put up their Christmas lights again and let them shine their message of hope and good will for everybody to see for the next few weeks until we can all get back to our regular lives.

“I love Christmas lights,” Kristie told the Gazette, “and people love to see them all around town for the holiday season, so why not now when everybody needs a lift?” The decorations will help add some color to these difficult times and invite community members to safely drive around the area and check out everyone’s beautiful decorations.
The JRC welcomed Kristie’s idea to “help people take a break from the coronavirus and do something fun with their family!” She also said that it would be easier and more fun to decorate when there is no snow on the ground, especially when kids and their parents are staying home together.”

Jamestown’s Mayor Eddie Sundquist has also expressed his enthusiastic support for the JRC Community of Light project. “It is great to see so much community spirit at a time when so many are struggling. It is important to keep a positive outlook, and this is quintessential Jamestown; coming together to make the best out of a tough situation. I commend all the businesses and organizations who are participating and have helped to put this together.”
A number of local small businesses have donated towards great prizes for this contest, including valuable gift cards and more. They are making sure that they will remain good until folks can feel comfortable using them. Jamestown Renaissance Corporation and Jamestown Up Close have also contributed to the prize list. As of this writing (3/27/2020), five local businesses have donated gift card prizes, and more are being sought.
The gift cards are a clear sign of the optimism and good will toward the community shown by local small business owners who are also experiencing the Corona-19 effect. All of them, along with JRC, invite Jamestown Gazette readers interested in donating to contact Zach Agett at

The contest is open to all residents of the City of Jamestown and the nearby towns of Ellicott, Kiantone, and Busti. Entries are being accepted online at, between now and April 5th. Entries will need to include one photo of the decorations. Online voting for winners will take place from April 8-14.
For official contest rules and more information, please visit The event is also on Facebook as “Community of Lights.”

“At Jamestown Renaissance Corporation we make Jamestown better through inspiration, action, and celebration,” Agett said. For more information on JRC’s programs, Gazette readers are invited to visit

The Jamestown Gazette wishes all of our readers good health and good cheer with this chance to show the world we are “A Community of Lights.”